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Went to Macau today. I ended up buying myself 2 pairs of long Cordoroy jeans (mmmm... warm... good for winter) and a fleece jacket that's also nice and warm. I'll be heading back there again when it starts to get even cooler and getting some more winter clothes. I'm at least lucky enough that I can find clothes here in china. I just slide into the sizings over here for both clothes and shoes as opposed to my flatmate who's... to put it nicely a big girl (shopping with her is NOT fun 'cause she's got absolutely NO patience. I end up throwing apologetic looks at the sales girls when she throws down the merchandise and storms out of the shop glarring daggers at whoever gets in her way).

I've been doing a bit of grocey shopping as well so I don't have to eat out as much... Okay, I'll admit that most of what I've bought is instant noodles, coffee, tea, hot chocolate (can't have winter without hot chocolate), cornflakes, milk, and random things that I think might be okay to eat. It means that I'm not spending quite as much money eating out as what I have been which is good. I still have one meal out a day and I try to make sure that it's a decent one.

coming back through the border today and got accosted by some sales girls in the duty free area. They wanted me to fill out a survey on the service of the shop. Of course it was all in Chinese. So they got me to sign my name, put in the date, and randomly start ticking boxes (of course, she was covering up all the 'Not good' boxes and going, "Not these, Not these!"). Michelle got asked to do one as well, only they just got her to write in her name and the date. They then filled it in for her. Kind of defeats the purpose of a survey, but oh well.

Most jarring image I've seen since coming to china: 3 buddhist monks in full get up crowded around the microwave in Jusco and arguing over how to operate it. My mind just did not want to compute what it was seeing.

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