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Been rather busy lately. I moved to the new school and am finally starting to settle in. Living in this gorgeous aparment on the 16th (which is actually a lower floor due to the Chinese habit of leaving out floors. Mine's missing floor 2, 4, and 14. It's amusing, but it makes the trip up to my floor a hell of a lot quicker that's for sure).

i'm learning where all the reastaurants are around here. I found one that's got really nice food and an english menu last night. It's on my way home from class, and like most other restaurants around here, is open until about 2am. Which means that I won't have to worry about going to the bakery for dinner anymore. I can go there on my way home ^_^ (my class finishes at 9:30 and since this is soooo close to where I live, all is good!).

Ohhhh... I now have a mobile phone too. An LG G622. It's flip top, small, and really light. I was looking at the exact same phone in oz and decided that it was waaaaay out of my price range. Here I got it for Y920 (which is about $140 australian). It even has a voice recorder in it too so I think i can record things and then use it as my ring tone (not sure I'll have to check all of that). Of course I can't read the instruction manual as everything's in chinese, but at least it's a basic phone to use so I haven't had too many worries on this end. Oh, it even comes with a usb port plug in thingymebobby.

i'm getting used to not being able to understand a word that's being said around me (but am getting VERY good at reading body language and miming) but I'm determined to start learning it... even if it's just to understand what the hell my students are saying!

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll start updating more once they actuallly get the teacher's office computer connected to the net. At the moment i'm nicking one of the front desk's computers and I kinda feel bad about that (that and if anyone comes in for an interview, guess which teacher's conviniently already in the office to do an interview. Yup. Me.)
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photo by: Advoc8