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Arches down on the waterfront in Zhuhai
Have now been in Zhuhai *counts the days* 6 days? (My days are so confused at the moment it's NOT funny!!). It's an interesting place.

I currently have an apartment to myself on the 4th floor (of 27 floors). The bathroom takes a bit of getting used to. I could literally sit on the toilet to shower. It's air-conditioned, which is an absolute MUST at this time of year. The old saying is true "It's not the heat, it's the humidity". It's been around 30 degrees, but with 70-80% humidity. There was a couple of days there where there was regular thunder and lightning (aparently, according to Ellen, there was 2 weeks of one constant thunderstorm).

I can see a harbour from my kitchen window and hills off in the distance (there are literal MOUNTAINS all through the city.

A park near the arches
Buildings will jutt up against them). When I walk out of my apartment (holding my breath 'cause it's a tad bit smelly), catch the lift down to the first floor, walk out and look to the right I can see a MASSIVE Chinese gate/archway thingy framing a bridge. I think there's a huge Pagoda restaurant at the other end of the bridge where one of the 114 or so islands are.

Across the road from me is Jusco, which has Tim-Tams for about Y5.6 (which isn't too bad). I've made it my mission to introduce everyone here to Tim-Tams It also has in the toy section a HUGE selection of Gundam models from many of the different series as well as a heap of other Anime stuff. So far I have resisted the temptation. It's also got a supermarket that has ENGLISH signs as well as Chinese. Most of the teachers shop there even though it's apparently a tad bit more expensive.

Lovers Road, Zhuhai
It's also convenient.

I've been introduced to two restaurants that have English menus (thank GOD!). One of them also has a picture menu. The food here is soooooo nice! My chopsticks skills are getting better (I've only dropped stuff on myself once, and dropped numerous things on the table).

According to the teachers the first necessity I have to buy is a dvd player as dvd's are so cheap here. I've been told that I have to go to Gongbei (one of the areas of Zhuhai), where I can get one for Y250 (which is REALLY cheap). The next thing I have to get is a mobile phone. I'll probably go with either a motorola or a nokia, they've got booths EVERYWHERE around here.

I also have to host the English Club on Saturday. There are teachers taht have been here for months that haven't done it yet, I've been here 6 days and I get to do it. I don't know whether to look forward to it, or worry.


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Arches down on the waterfront in Z…
Arches down on the waterfront in …
A park near the arches
A park near the arches
Lovers Road, Zhuhai
Lovers Road, Zhuhai
That is Hong Kong in the distance.…
That is Hong Kong in the distance…
photo by: Advoc8