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The Sutherland family castle! 189 rooms, designed by the same person as did Westminister Parmliment Houses in London. Sutherland family owned 1 million acres! Super RICH!!
The tour guide was very informational and he knew about the heritage of the Sutherland family as well. The Sutherland family was very wealthy and owned 1.5 million acres around the north of Scotland. It is the 7th most common name in the northern Highlands and 54th most common in Scotland.

The motto is "Sans peur" meaning "Without fear".  The family castle Dunrobin built in 1235 but redesigned in 1845 by the same architect as the London Houses of Parliament. It has 189 rooms making it the largest house in the northern Highlands. However unfortunately the Sutherland family name has been tarnished by the acts that got them to be so wealthy.

During the Industrial Revolution, the Duke and Dutchess of Sutherland though that it would be more profitable to clear the land of tenants to graze sheep on instead. Around 1807 the clearances started without having any concern for the tenants. They would chuck the tenant out and burn the roof so that the house was no longer any good for them. Apparently the tenant was only left with the choice of going down to England or catching a "coffin ship" to mainland Europe. I hear that quite a few other people were doing that too but I guess that the Sutherland family were the biggest family doing it. Anyway, I'm sure every family heritage has their secrets hey?
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The Sutherland family castle! 189 …
The Sutherland family castle! 189…
photo by: sarahelaine