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The famous Loch Ness where the old "Nessy" monster lives
We have seen the depths of the famous Loch Ness where we have the old "monster" - Nessy living. The lake is 37 kms long and its deepest point is 230 metres. The ultimate ground for a monster to be born. There was a sighting in 1771 and 1889 as a couple was sailing across the loch (lake) and they said that what appeared as a "water horse" rose up behind them. It wasn't until 1934 though that the real myths started. A surgeon called R K Wilson was driving back one day and they said that in the water they saw the monster. He took a photograph of it and this is when the myths really became popular. He obviously got quite rich out of all the press that he got for this photograph. However, on his death bed, he admitted to the world that he had made up the photo by gluing pieces of wood together and using trick photography to disguise the real size of the "monster". There have been other sightings as well and in 1960 students from Oxford and Cambridge found from there radar scans "something" but still not conclusive. The mystery lives on.....
PhinsAndGills says:
Did you see that there's a movie coming out called "The Water Horse"? It's a story of the Loch Ness Monster.
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
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The famous Loch Ness where the old…
The famous Loch Ness where the ol…
Be careful of the monster!
Be careful of the monster!
Loch Ness
photo by: asturjimmy