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Imagine being surrounded by mountains everywhere you look and the further you are the bluer they appear. Welcome to Macedonia.  A mountainous region where there is still a strong unique cultural identity.

From the moment you get off at the airport you see a sign "The Alexander the Great airport". Once you have seen this sign you know that you are in for an experience that will leave a huge impression on you.

The airport is located in the capital city Skopje. Skopje is an up and coming city where the youth movement is the way of the future. Even though the city is quite modern compared to the other towns of Macedonia, the city dates back to 3500 BC.  There is a huge Roman and Ottoman influence here.

Skopje is worth a few days stay. It is helpful to know some Macedonian dialect here even though English is spoken (mainly by the youth). 

The City Museum of Skopje is worth a visit. An earthquake hit the city 1963 destroyed much of the old railway station of Skopje. Now the old railway station is the City museum of Skopje. If you look at the station clock it will always read 5:17, this is the exact time the earthquake occurred in 1963.

The Daud Pasha Baths National Gallery is special! This used to be a bath house and it held 13 different sized copper cupola’s. What remains these days is the roof and ceiling architecture. All this dates back to 15th century.

“Kamen Most” (Stone Bridge) is near the shopping complexes in Skopje & was a public execution place whilst under Ottoman rule. Kamen Most is the exact place where Goce Delcev head was posted as proof of his execution. Goce Delcev was a revolutionary Macedonian who was beheaded by in 1903. Besides Goce other important Macedonian figures were executed here such as Karpos (King of Kumanovo). When you walk past it today you see awash countless gypsies selling jewellery & other such things. It is quite ironic what is used to be and what it is now. A word of warning here though, keep your bag close here as many thefts occur here while you are talking to the stall owners.

Mother Teresa was born here in Skopje. Today where her house used to stand it is a shopping centre. If you enter the shopping centre “Trgovski” this used to be where her house stood.

Besides all this glorious history to marvel at Skopje has an excellent nightlife. Most of the international acts usually play in Skopje.

My time in Skopje was enjoyable. I wish I had more time to spend there and explore outside of Skopje. There is always next time……. The adventure does continue


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photo by: Fulla