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I joined my Budget Expeditions truck tour on August 18.  I have to call it a truck because Steve, the Aussie driver, charges you a beer if you call it a bus.  There are 33 of us onboard.  The mix is about 50/50 AussiesĀ“s and Brits, a couple Irish, one Kiwi, and me.  I am representing the whole of North America.  It is a really fun group.  I am on the older end of the spectrum but there are 5 people older so it is OK.  We are camping for 5 nights straight out of the gate.  We had to skip a couple of destinations because of the earthquake damage so we went straight from Lima to Nazca.  There were places on the highway along the way where there were 1.

5 meter gaps.


The only reason to stop in Nazca is because of the famous drawing formations nearby.  I had heard from most that the flight to see to lines was overpriced and disappointing so I opted out on the $60 option.  About half of the people from my group went, a few puked, most said that it was worthwhile.  I chose to go to a free pottery making session instead.  The fat jolly host informed us that his family had been making pottery for several generations.  The moulds that he used were authentic Inca and hundreds of years old.  He uses the same finishing methods that were used by the Incas which includes polishing with the grease from his forehead and painting with a brush made of human baby hair.  My favourite part was watching his pet falcon tear apart a chicken head.


On our way down to Arequipa we stopped in a small beach resort to camp for the night.  We had the entire place to ourselves.  Being able to see sea lions fishing in the bay was a pleasant surprise.  Six of us took on some locals in a game of very dusty football at dusk.  We ended up winning 3 to 1.

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photo by: ulysses