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The journey from Merida Taganga was not so fun.  The cab driver in Merida was clearly drunk and continued to swig his bottle as he swerved and yelled his way to the terminal.  The buscamas were all sold so we had to settle for a night bus with no recliners.  I had also just acquired a serious case of bum wee which made the toiletless journey extremely unconfortable.  The second bus that took us to the border was pretty horrible.  When we got on it was quite empty but the man working the door yelling at potential clients to join the journey was successful in cramming the old machine until the rivets began to pop.  The seats were bolted to the floor with uneven spacing.  Mine seat was so close to the one ahead I could not even sit with my legs diagonally.  I had to crap my knees under the seat ahead.

The northern border crossing from Venezuela into Columbia was as dodge as busy.  I can not say that it was the worst border crossing I have gone through because the Ecuador Peru crossing has a solid hold on that for me for obvious reasons.  This crossing had a similar feel which made me quite uncomfortable.  Military men with automatic weapons were everywhere.  Some cars got searched to the extent that they were opening and smelling shampoo bottles, others that held out a bill on the way carried on uncontested.  A few people were carried away to rooms for questioning who did not had proper identification.  The line of vehicles was enormous but not as impressive as the mounds of trash on the sides of the road.  The locals have no respect for lines and constant budding caused waiting times to be long.  But in the end we the fantastic four made it through the border uncontested with all belongings.  Money changers are available to get rid of left over Bolivars that no international bank will accept. Tiago bargained for a good deal for a nicer bus to Santa Marta.  From there we took a short windowless cab ride in the rain to our final destination.

Taganga is a small fishing village on the Caribbean coast with some ok beaches.  We were all quick to notice that the Columbian people were much friendlier than Venezuelans who earn their stereotype as being the grumpiest lot on the continent.  The couple of days relaxing on the beach with a very chilled out vibe was welcomed buy all of us.  We ate fish which was caught in front of our eyes with fishing nets.  The community orientated fishing was nice to see.  All locals within running distance would help out pulling in the nets in every couple of hours.  The juices were also notably fantastic here.  My favorite was a sweet tomatoish looking fruit that grows on trees.

I was sad to split ways with the other three.  We had a lot of laughs especially with the snow man himself, Robert Frost who I traveled with for almost a month.  They were doing the rapidly increasingly popular trek to the lost city which is nearby. The national park that is close was supposed to be amazing but with less than a week left on the continent and Cartagena still on the itinerary I opted to pass.
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photo by: will62