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My 17 hour bus ride from Tumbes to Lima was actually very nice.  I paid extra to get the Bus Cama which had seats with plenty of leg room and the seats almost fully reclined.  They played good movies in English with Spanish subtitles rather than dubbed which seems to be more typical here.  I got a cab to Lionbackpakers which is in the new part of town aka Miraflores because I needed to be close to shopping centres.  I went shopping most of the day and was able to find some pretty nice clothes at very reasonable prices by Canadian standards.  I opted out on the replacing the tecky type clothes that I had in kind because were only available in very touristy stores and were unreasonably overpriced.

I was on the internet at 6:40 pm watch a crappy movie out the corner of my eye with my British dormate.

I felt some tremors on the floor but at first i thought it was just a train.  But there was no noise of a train and it tremors became more sustained and sever.  The CD´s in the rack in front of me started to wiggle their way out of their holder... something wasn’t right.  The hostel worker rushed into the common room shooting at us in broken English to get out of the building.  The pavement felt like a thin rubber matt on top of water with waves of molasses flowing randomly below it.  The parked cars looked as if a mr. invisible was jumping up and down on the corners.  The streets were full of people rushing away from the possible collapse of building.  The lights were blurred as the street lights shook frantically.  I was scarred in the slightest because even though I have never felt an earthquake before it did not seem to me that it was severe enough in the vicinity to cause much damage.

Shortly after the event my Ecuadorian dormate translated the local news which informed us that the the epicentre of the 7.7 earthquake was only 11.5 km below the surface in Paracas, about 200 km south of Lima.  The majority of the damage was incurred at the adjacent towns of Ica and Pisco.  The death toll is at 510 with another 1,500 injured or unaccounted for as of 24 hours after the event.  

Things continue as normal in Lima although the roads to the south will be closed for... who knows.  Life and my travel adventures go on.  The earthquake made my problems with my missing bag to seem less significant but still something I need to deal with.  I have replaced most things, but some specialty items like sleeping bags, mats, electronics, are either expensive or unavailable. 

constantquantum says:
whew... what an introduction... definitely an adventure! I hope the last week has been... um a bit more calm?
Posted on: Aug 24, 2007
connieriome says:
I was really happy to read your recent update. What an experience. I'm glad that I wasn't with you. Betty, Mom, Barb, and others were all concerned about you. Take care!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2007
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