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By Incan tongue Cusco means bellybutton.  It was given this name because it was the center of the web of trails that connected the Inca towns located every 30 km in every direction.  What was once the home of the King of the entire Inca empire who was considered to be a God is now the most popular tourist destination in South America.  By day there are Spanish cathedrals, Inca museums, and graphic murals around every corner.  By night the clubs around the central square pack in unreasonable amount of tourists and locals together into a meeting pot of mayhem until the last guy decides to leave which is usually several hours past sunrise.


We arrived in the most beautiful city in Peru Saturday night.  Some of the die hards went for the third boozer after an allnighter the previous evening.  I opted for some needed rest.  Every night is a Friday night in Cusco and Sunday did not disappoint. The drinks are a little more here (3 dollars) but they mix them about 2/3 booze to 1/3 coloring.  This is the best nightlife I have seen yet.


Everyone in the group were going to Machu Picchu.  Most were taking the infamous Inca trail but the 8 of us who did not book at least 6 months in advance were taking the much less touristy Lares trek.  We had a meeting with our local 25 year old guide Daniel the night before.  We were given our duffle bags which were aloud to pack 7 kg gear that would be carried by the porters.  We were informed that the first day was not really trekking and actually just some guided tours to some Inca sites in close proximity to Cusco.  The promised easy day trumped the seven o’clock am departure time so we took full advantage of the nightlife the evening before beginning our 4 day trek to the most incredible site that I have ever seen.  


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photo by: Vlindeke