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Vienna was my biggest surprise on my trip.  I hadn't really anticipated visiting it, and it turns out that it made a huge impression on me ... and I wasn't even there a full day!  I got to the city in the late afternoon, and by the next morning, I had a 6:19 train to Munich, but those hours in between were amazing!  I didn't even look for a place to sleep, I just wandered around the city all night.

About the first thing I did in Vienna was eat.  I had never liked sauerkraut in the States, but I figured eating a meal in Austria, I had better give it at least a taste.  Now I know why I don't like it in the States, it tastes so much better in Austria and Germany!

Belly filled, I explored the city.

  I think the only sight I knew was the Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad), and as it turns out I didn't even see it.  But everywhere I did look, some edifice, sculpture or facade of some sort caught my eye, and as I made my way to get a better look, something else caught my eye in a different direction.  I was apoplectic by the beauty & grandeur of it. 

Eventually I came to the Rathaus and knew immediately that this was where I was going to spend a number of hours.  There was an outdoor film festival there that plays through the summer, and there was an international food fair of sorts going on (similar to Taste of Chicago if you've ever been there ... except on an international scale).  The Rathaus (City Hall) itself is a remarkably beautiful structure, and on it was a screen upon which the films were projected, once it got dark.

After the film, they lit up the beautiful Rathaus!
  The atmosphere was remarkable, and I was so pleased that I found my way to that place. 

The rest of the night I strolled, or sat in contemplation.  Stephansplatz was undergoing renovation (mainly just the steeple) but was still another remarkable to sit near and just take in.

Around 4-ish I found a bus that went within about a mile of the train station & took that. 

No real stories to tell, no meeting of friends, no going out and partying ... but this is one of my most memorable experiences on the trip.  Not THE most memorable (that will come in the Tatras near Zakopane, stay tuned) but quite amazing!

Aquedita says:
My favourite place of all time :) The photos you took take me back there :)
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007
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After the film, they lit up the be…
After the film, they lit up the b…
One of the first sights upon leavi…
One of the first sights upon leav…
Stephansplatz by day.
Stephansplatz by day.
Stephansplatz by night.
Stephansplatz by night.
Rathaus film festival.
Rathaus film festival.
The film was Das Land des Lächel…
The film was "Das Land des Läche…
I was wondering what they sold her…
I was wondering what they sold he…
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