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First timer's epiphanies! I had always thought of Portugal as nothing more than Spain's younger brother. What I discovered instead was an interesting mélange of Christian, Moorish and Arabic influences, a mastery of naval technology that created a far reaching empire, endless varieties of pastries, trams plying the Alfama, garish German influences in Sintra, port wine and a never ending visual treat of blue tiles on every building, road and museum. Honestly, I'm dumbfounded!

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October 29th, 2014Lisbon, Portugal
October 30th, 2014Lisbon, Portugal
October 31st, 2014Lisbon, Portugal
November 1st, 2014Sintra, Portugal
November 2nd, 2014Lisbon, Portugal
November 3rd, 2014Cascais, Portugal
November 4th, 2014Porto, Portugal
November 5th, 2014Porto, Portugal