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View of the Highlands as we were headed to the Castle

Waking up on Saturday morning was one of the worse experiences in my life. I realised that Saturday is a big day for  backpackers based in Edinburgh. It appears that all of them decide to resume their travels on that VERY day. If  getting ready was one thing, it was more arduous walking up the hill at that time of the day to the Haggis Adventures office, not to mention the sea of backpackers and buses in that street waiting for the start of their journeys that day.

The bus left at 8am as said, it was a much bigger bus than expected and the bus was full. And yep, I could hear that lovely Ocker accent I'd now come to love, nearly 90% of the bus was Aussie! Everyone seemed so tired and the fact that this was a bit too wee-hour in the morning that we spent the first hour nearly sleeping.

A memorial
I met a charming young doctor from Melbourne - Brad and a nice couple from Brisbane who were studying Law and were headed to Canada for 6 months after their UK backpacking. So I got to talk to them which was fun. Oh, and a dull Spaniard who couldn't speak English or couldn't be friendly no matter how hard he tried. The only force that bound us together, well the only two were the fact that we were sitting at the back row, and that we were both in the software industry.

We stopped for a brief minute near Stirling Castle. It was sharp, sunny and we were all tired. And we were put through the tale of William Wallace in the most insufferable way. Got back on the bus, went for a breakfast stop to see some animal peculiar to Scotland (forgot the name, the Coos?) and got back for another long long drive up the Highlands.

View of the Castle
We stopped off for some views of the Highlands inc. a memorial that was built there for warriors (my mind is rusty now!) which were really all ok. Somehow I think the highlands work better when there's plenty of rain and clouds versus sun.

We had a lunch break, and from here it was off to the first highlight of the tour - the Eilean Donan Castle.

We were either very sleepy, or it was just too sunny outside, but somehow I can say Eilean Donan Castle disappointed. What was worse was the way the tour guide Danny pulled one on us, he kept saying "close your eyes till I tell you to open" as the bus was going down a hill, I had all these ideas in my head thinking how grand the Castle might be (I mean, it is Scotland!), and then he says "ok.

now open" and DEAR! big big letdown! It was a tiny castle, we could hardly tell as it was around sunset and the sun was falling straight at us, it just seemed all hot and tiresome. Plus the bus stops a mile away and we had to walk it, the sleepy heads.

The castle by itself is very small. So given the no. of tourists it seems crowded. Esp the narrow staircases. Having said that, the one thing I did like about this was the location. It's right at the tip of the sea and seems ideally located for a summer holiday, although I think the ancient Scots fighting the Vikings didn't feel that way then! We spent quite a good amount of time here, nearly 2 hours. The entry fee is less (less than 5 GBP) and we had a good walk around the Castle along with the indoors.

We were near the Isle of Skye now. I frankly couldn't wait, it all seemed exciting now...the sun was setting and the nature was so splendid in being untouched.

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View of the Highlands as we were h…
View of the Highlands as we were …
A memorial
A memorial
View of the Castle
View of the Castle
Eilean Donan Castle
photo by: huibdos