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Bear tracks.

I walked to the north end of the airstrip then followed a gravel bar toward the creek. It is difficult to miss tracks on the ground and I quickly spotted those of a bear. A big bear. Someone from camp had walked down there fairly recently and the bear tracks covered some of the boot prints. Like all the bear tracks I had seen this summer, these seemed to progress in one direction as though passing through. I couldn't tell where they left the gravel bar to enter the willows so continued on my own walk.


When I returned to camp, I learned that Matt had been down there two evenings ago and the boot tracks were his. So I decided to go back to get a picture for him … 'stalked by a bear!'  As I approached the overlapping prints, something in the water behind nearby willows made a loud, repeated splashing noise; less than thirty feet away.

I stopped in my own tracks, got the camera out of my shoulder bag, turned it on, slowly backed up a few feet, then, utilizing the element of surprise, yelled "Hey!"


 If it was a bear, it would have done one of two things: pop its head up to see who yelled; or scramble out of the water and up the opposite bank. The splashing stopped for only a few seconds but nothing scurried. I backed up further and climbed onto an old fuel drum which marked a corner of the airstrip.

I tossed a rock into the willows and yelled again. Silence. Something in there must be preparing to charge. Adrenalin kicked in and as I considered setting down the camera and loading the shot-gun,  I spotted a duck with six young  drifting away toward the river. Their splashing had sounded like something big, really big, wading across the narrow waterway.

scubagirl76 says:
I hear ducks can do a real number on you!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2007
madmax811 says:
30 Ft!!!! Aren't you supposed to act like a crazy person if a bear approaches? sorry...i saw Grizzly man and read a bood related to it...
Great Blog!
Posted on: Aug 27, 2007
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Bear tracks.
Bear tracks.
Bear tracks and Matts boot print.
Bear tracks and Matt's boot print.
Moonrise 11:30 p.m.
Moonrise 11:30 p.m.
photo by: rotorhead85