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Life here in Singapore has not been as hectic and not as haggard compared to my life in Manila. I have enough time here to do everything necessary for myself and still, there are extra hours that allows me to visit museums here in Singapore. As of date, I have visited three major museums here in Singapore.

First museum is the Singapore Arts Museum. The Singapore Art Museum mainly preserves art histories and contemporary art practices of Singapore and the Southeast Asian. However, they also conduct exhibits for Non-Asian arts. Normally, they have pieces from different South East Asian countries (such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and of course Singapore). This is where I saw politically-motivated art pieces and propaganda created by Filipino artists against the Marcos regime in the Philippines.
I was still a kid when during that era of Philippine History and it is really important for me to revisit my roots. I had a great time with my last visit to this place, they had the Chalcography Collection of Louvre Museum. I do want to see the real Louvre, but this is the closest that I can get for now.

Next is the Singapore National Museum. It is the oldest museum in Singapore but they reside now in a newly renovated building. This museum mostly contains contemporary subjects such as furnitures, architeture, installations. One interesting feature of this museum is the big chilli behind the building. I had my picture taken on this that has been featured in one of the regional travel magazines!

Lastly, the Asian Civilisations Museum. This is my favorite! It is unique in a sense that it is the only museum that integrates and presents different asian cultures, from the chinese to the middle eastern civilisations, from the culture of the islands of Indonesia to the old civilisation of India. My personal favorites are the collecction of porcelain from China and the ancient jewelries from Sumatra and Java.

So, I am up for the next museum in town! :)
stabber911 says:
I had a stop over in Singapore for 5 hours so I went to the museums, little that I realised that it was 9 am and the museums would not be open until 10 am. So, I did really enjoy the outing in front of the national museums.
Posted on: Oct 01, 2007
planisphere says:
Museums here are not as impressive as the ones I have seen in the US, and I am sure Hermitage is a lot bigger than the ones here, but Asian Civ Museum is a real deal here. :)
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
mpmurph133 says:
I'm liking the peppa pic above. Very cool. Sounds like some really nice museums.
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
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