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This place is not part of Singapore but could easily be visited from Singapore. Just across the causeway is JB (or Johor Bahru)


Our group left Singapore very early in the morning in order for us to catch the best time to do microlight demo flight, which is the sun rise time. We travelled for more or less an hour until we reached the airstrip in Johor Bahru.

That day, there were three planes flying, the yellow, the pink one (which is the fastest) and the green one (the one I tried). Almost everyone in our group was a bit hesitant and scared and at the same time excited about the whole flying thing.

.. my anxienty was at its peak, until my turn came. A bit shaking, I focused on every instructions the pilot was giving me. Good thing, the pilot was so nice.

We took off, and it was a smooth one (sweet!). The highlight of this trip was when we reached 1000 ft, the pilot has given me the control of the plane. Whoa! That was scary and really exciting at the same time. I turned the plane to the left, to the right, I even dived! After letting me control the plane, the pilot turned off the engine, and man, we were just floating up there. After 30 minutes of being up in the sky, the pilot asked mo to lower the plane from 600 ft to 35 ft.... and from 35 feet, he would take it from there to land.

And we landed safely. My nerves were totally calm during the 30 minutes up there. I had so much fun leh!

After the flight, we went to some kampongs (old malay village) and had our seafood fill. Then went back to Singapore. What a nice Saturday that was. :)

harrylnic says:
where is this place ?
Posted on: Sep 07, 2011
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Johor Bahru
photo by: bensonryan