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The dinner  on our last night in yangshou was at a very ritzy french

We ate outside in the open at the top of the restaurant so
we had a view.....  it was up about 15 long steps and about 75 feet from
the street.  nice table clothes and great decor)  

David and I  both chose to have the dinner that had all of the entrees.   

it was a vegetable salad, wonderful perfect and delicious french onion soup,

then on a plate that was probably 18 inches across

  new zealand steak cut in scallops in a sauce, chopped  &
sauteed vegetables,and couple of squares of savory seasoned butter, and french
fries   (so they had a sense of humor too...)  plus a fruit plate, bagettes,
and dessert plus hot tea and two beers... (gotta had beer) 

 It was about $32 total....   (american...)   What a great meal.

We ate really late:  got there at 11:30 and finished about 12:30 or
so.....    We were sitting looking down at the street ... which was full of
people dispite the hour ..... and a huge rat ran across the top of the stairs
.,....  this guy was huge... he could have wrestled a dog....   I stood
up and pointed and said excitedly "a rat!"  Davie just sat and said "yes?"

.......  I asked why it was there because it was a french restaurant not
a cantonese one....    Dave said....  "that's why".... and we busted
up.....     great dinner and great finish....       

 yangshou.....  what a blast......    

sylviandavid says:
Bernard... Thanks for the smile on this... You'll be astonished to know that was my first French meal. In china of all places! I have some blurry pictures of the meat... I need to find them and get them on... (I'm at nothing here...) Sylvia
Posted on: Feb 24, 2009
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photo by: sylviandavid