Sizzling Hot: The 2007 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

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me and bestfriend Debbie
Yes, it was sizzling hot, literally.

The temperature was up so high, we were sweating like pigs. 

If the heat was that uncomfortable for a tropical girl like me, I wondered how terrible the heat was for the caucasians.

But the temperature is negligible for F1 fans, everyone was still cheering.

We had good seats, we were on the first turn of the track. The seats were almost red because of people wearing red, for Ferrari of course.

But the Mclaren cars won suprisingly, both the first and second places, hehehe.

Sepang race track map
Good job to Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton!

Well, I guess Ferrari's prestige halted together with Michael Schumacher's retirement...? =P

Then again, what do I know, I'm not really an F1 enthusiast and I'm not following all the races, but I do am interested in driving and cars.

But indeed it was a good experience to try out watching an F1 race though, it was fun meeting and travelling in another country with my good friends.

We had a one of a kind adventure indeed!

Tips on watching the F1 race in Sepang, Malaysia:

1) Better just purchase the ticket for the actual race only (it's a 3-day event: day 1 - practice, day 2 - qualifying round, day 3- actual race).

at our seat location during the qualifying round
Then be in your seats an hour before the race starts so you could watch the drivers parade around the race track beforehand.

2) Better spend more on good seats with actual seats and shade than buy seats that do not have seats (you'll sit on the grass only and no shade at all in some parts!)

3) Buy the F1 merchandise on Day 1 or 2, too many people on the actual race day.

4) Don't attempt to bring water or food inside the race track as they will just confiscate it without even posting a sign or something that you cannot bring in food and drinks inside. They will just say "may I check your bag?" and then just get your food without explaining to you why. (I'll tell you why: so you're forced to buy drinks and food inside where prices are 400% over the usual selling price, tsk tsk).

5) Bring earplugs if you cannot sustain hearing the loud sounds of the F1 cars. Better yet, bring an am/fm radio with earphones so you can tune in to the commentary and listen while you watch the race so you'll have an idea who's on which position (to save 100 Malaysian ringgit from the radio headphones they are selling there!).

drivers parading on vintage cars before the race starts
The race track is very big and it would be impossible to have visibility of all parts (except if you are in a helicopter of course!).

6) Wear your most comfortable summer clothes and shoes. I'm telling you, the heat was really incredible.

7) Sepang is an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur without traffic jam. But better to go to the race track hours ahead the event to avoid getting delayed from the traffic jam the surge of spectators would bring. It is also advisable to rent a van/taxi in advance than risk taking the public transport. Public transports will load you off in quite a distance you have to walk.

8) It is not worth being trampled over just to have the autograph of a race driver (I backed out at the last minute from having Ralph Schumacher of Toyota F1 sign a cap, and it was a good decision because I am still alive in one piece, hehe).

travelman727 says:
Great advice! You like racing, Jars of Clay and blueberry cheesecake... what a woman :-D
Posted on: Aug 25, 2007
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me and bestfriend Debbie
me and bestfriend Debbie
Sepang race track map
Sepang race track map
at our seat location during the qu…
at our seat location during the q…
drivers parading on vintage cars b…
drivers parading on vintage cars …
the ferrari merchandise store is s…
the ferrari merchandise store is …
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