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Okay so I understand Sth American people not wanting a fun loving gent like myself to leave but fair is fair using an airport to prevent my departure is low, very low! In the past 4 days of travelling via airports I have had my jumper and passport stolen only to miracously get the passport returned, Stripped searched and made to demonstrate the brushing of my teeth in the nude and now arriving back at Bogata International I find myself standing in the middle of a massive line getting told that the ticket I purchased 2 weeks ago did not happen even though im holding a confirmation letter in my hand! The dramas of airports amaze me, mmm i wonder if i catch a bus from Colombia to Mexico....

I always found it strange if not a little overbearing being told that you have to arrive 3 hours beforehand to an International flight throughout Sth America! Seriously, pay some tax, collect your e-ticket, give the hostess your luggage, check in done walk through some xray machines to your departure lounge chill there for say 45mins then your away, do you really need 3 hours to accomplish all this, OH yes when your travelling with MEXICANA! Their system if it can be called a system is painstakingly difficult and like all things that mess with your head absurdly funny I couldnt help but laugh, a lot...

So brief run down of the logistics, the Mexicana Air will setup this human chain in a sense, first you tell them your name and your checked off a list and your allowed to enter the LINE!!! No name on list no LINE! First step of the line is to show a person your passport and you are given tags that you attach to your bags. Once this is done they are fed into these xray machines from here you may not see your luggage again. Then it is onto the departure tax person where they charge you $US60 before you have even checked in and are given a receipt then it is onto a guy who runs a metal detector over you and even if it does beep he doesnt really do anything but look at you from here you move onto the desk where you are to checkin your luggage (which you no longer have) and collect your e-ticket if you need to and this is where after all the fuss I am being told that I do not have a ticket! Now the LINE is ruthless if you cannot preform at any of the points (ie dont have the $US60) then it is to the back of the line to do it all again! I showed the lady repeatedly my comfirmation letter, that my name was on the list the other lady was holding to let me in the line, finally the manager comes over and explains that the expiry number on the credit card used was invalid (what they had done was switch the numbers) so my ticket wasnt purchased and that the confirmation letter was nothing more than a mere formality! So I asked why I wasnt contacted prior to arriving at the airport that i didnt have a ticket her response was that they didnt want to lose my purchase so they waited for me to rock up and I could buy another ticket for the same flight.... I was about to tell her how ludricrious that sounded but thought stuff it where is an ATM and ill get the cash!!!

Now this was a mission in itself on the entire bottom floor of the airport not one ATM to reduce the risk of theft I was told so it was trip up the escalators through some xray mahines get to the ATM only to find out that I cant get all the money due to a daily limit so it is all the way back downstairs find one of the boys who after an hour and half in the LINE has just got out get his credit card line back up to purchase my ticket! An hour later I find myself in the backroom of Mexicana (stoked got to walk behind all the desks where the luggage goes on the conveying belts etc gotta find something to make me smile....) buying a ticket with Bangers credit card get it think all is good I am actually on the flight now, only to be told to line up a third time to check in my luggage! My luggage... this was taken from me 2 a half hours ago madam, while i was trying to check into a flight i never had a ticket for, oh the agony of stupidity kills me!!!! So back in the LINE get to the counter they are asking me where my bags are im like you guys have them (well i hope you do), my boardbag is not hard to miss since i can fit three bodies in there ohhh these bags at my feet.... Yes me lady those bags hidden under your desk are mine! I think finally the checkin is over, no she hands the bags to the guard who puts them back through the xray machine, puts me to the side while she processes another passenger! Lady they have already been through the freakin xray machines how the hell else did they get at your feet, my patience was thin!!! Then she simply gives me a couple of stickers and says departure gate 26 enjoy your flight NEXT!!!

So im hoping that the nightmare of airports is well and truly behind me yes but if anyone can tell me why things go wrong here more often than not id be interested in your views until we chat again stay safe and keep away from the airports unless you want to raise your blood pressure... Mexico here we come YEAWWWWWTTTTTT

ps SOUTH AMERICA for all its highs and lows is an amazing place you all owe it too yourselves to visit this part of the world..... HASTA PRONTO!!!!!!

Jc22ny says:
Sorry to hear your experience unfortunatly its not uncommon to experience this at Colombian Airports..Security is very tight No matter what airline you fly.Its one of the few airports in the world that I have been to that they say be there 3 hours before departure and they truly mean it.It takes the long to be processed.Never the less Love reading your blog..very interesting!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2008
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