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What is it about New York that makes winter so pleasant? Well, I suppose it wasn't truly winter, but people still wore coats and the trees were still bare. Central Park, however, was full of life... all around, people walked, jogged, pushed carriages, lounged on park benches, and got pulled along by dogs on leashes. Squirrels scampered up trees; birds gorged on seeds which seemed to flow endlessly from elderly hands. Renee and I followed several of the footpaths, where we spied pools full of koi-like fish, and met a man with a greyhound named Lucy.

As we walked along, Renee and I played a game. We'd carefully observe each person that passed us, and then make some random, possibly absurd assumption about their life.

We tried to do this as inconspicuously as possible, but often, it was hard not to do without dissolving into laughter. It went something like this:

(We pass a middle-aged man on a park bench. He wears headphones and is nodding his head to some music.)

Renee: This guy loves life. He's the only white guy in his building.

Me: Yes... He loves jazz. Loves it. His record collection goes from floor to ceiling.

(We pass two women in sweatsuits with platinum blonde hair.)

Me: OH! She's complaining about her sex life.

Renee: Yeah... and her friend isn't really listening, but she's pretending to.

Me: "Charlie just isn't passionate anymore. I'm thinking of getting him some special herbs."

...And so the game went, until it was time to head back to Mara's apartment to catch the shuttle. My stay in New York was far, far too short... but at least there's plenty of good people-watching in Los Angeles.

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New York
photo by: herman_munster