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Early the next morning, to my sleep-muddled delight, someone from Delta Song came by and returned my suitcase. There was no explanation; no security notice tucked between socks and underwear... It was returned just as mysteriously as it disappeared.

We hopped onto the subway heading downtown, with the vague intention of seeing a Broadway play. Before I go on about this, I must rave about New York's public transportation. Yes, yes, the subway is a bit grimy, the stations are labyrinthine, and some of the characters are more than a little frightening. But after having lived nearly three years in Los Angeles without a car, the subway was simply awe-inducing. The frequency of trains! The proximity of stations to popular areas! And people don't stare at you while you're waiting! It was great. This is what public transportation was meant to be.

After waiting in line for what we'll loosely refer to as 'cheap' tickets, Renee and Mara and I walked to the St. James Theatre to see The Producers. I was a bit apprehensive, emptying my wallet on something I'd already seen the film version of... but there is nothing, nothing like seeing it on Broadway. The production was dazzling... from the typewriter-percussion of Leo and the Accountants, to the pretzel-clad German girls strutting around to Springtime for Hitler. The entire thing made me regret not studying set design.

We then went off in search of a good restaurant. It seems like in New York you can't throw a stone without hitting at least a decent eatery... But, Renee and I were not only poor, but also vegetarian. We weren't about to wander through the rain, so we made our way towards NYU, where Mara knew of a moderately priced vegan restaurant. The menu was extensive, offering everything from seitan burgers to stir-frys to avocado-stuffed vegetable rolls. We tried some sort of nut bread dipped in surprisingly sweet carrot sauce... My only regret is that I can't remember the name of the restaurant!

They were filming a movie near the restaurant, and we were naturally curious. A man crouched nearby, frowning over a tangled mass of cords... when Renee asked him what was being filmed, all he did was grunt something about Matt Damon. So we crept about the set, peering into trailer windows and half-jokingly calling out, "Matt Damon?" I expected someone to come over and yell at us, but no one seemed to care, which made our game that much less exciting.

ketoile says:
Restaurant might have been Gobo, on 6th ave., or Red Bamboo on W. 4th. - from a new york veg.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2006
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