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The day started....got up...was in contact with my cousins...they were working.  I went down to meet with them.  At first it was nothing...just sat around.  It took both my cousins quite a while to get in gear or rather change gears.  By the way, I already had my cousin Blake with me so now with Duane and Kevin ready to go.   I explained that my cousin Michelle was taking me to dinner so the plans changed.  Originally we were to hit a club or something....but with Blake (a minor) and dinner happening...we all went over to Michelle's new home picked her up.  We took 2 cars.  Blake with Duane and Kevin with me.  Got the tour of the new house, then went off to dinner.

Dinner was good.  I have been to the restaurant before...but I really don't remember the name.  We all ate. Now what to do.  We all went to a movie.  Silly, I know, go to a movie on vacation.  But it really did work out well.  Joe....Michelle's boyfriend as well as another two cousins met us at the show.....Suzanne and Nicholas had arrived.

After watching the movie.....was I to go home....this was my last night in Toronto or was I to continue hanging out with my favorite cousins.  What do you think I did.  I hung out.

Duane, Kevin, Blake and I stayed up til the early morning hours.  Duane and Kevin (crazy like mad)....driving at speeds way over legal....took us four down to Niagara Falls because when I was there earlier in the week I had wanted to get on the Maid of the Mist attraction and did not make it due to time constraints.  So here we were rocketing back down.  oh...btw...left one of the cars at the mall after the movie.

Duane and Blake sleeping in the back seat.  Kevin driving....  playing some reggae and having a great time.

We got there in a very short time.

So we parked in the downtown area of Niagara.  this time it was the other side of tourism.  We hit up the arcade, the guiness records museum...even had some candy just like we were at a carnival.  did I tell you that we rode the ferris wheel.  it is now about 3am. we were out on the town "pg" style (Blake's a minor) for 3 hours...we got there around midnight.

now....where to sleep?  found a couple places with the right rates....the first one believe it or not, wouldn't even come open the door to rent a room.  so continuing down the road we found a place.

In the morning, we got up and breakfast was in order.  Went to the local Denny's conveniently right beside the hotel/motel...practically the hotel restaurant.  Blake and I went down and ordered for all 4 of us.  The other 2 came down separately....ate....and now down to............. the Maid of the Mist....

it was about a 20 to 30 minute wait in line.  The short trip on the boat right into the falls was hard to describe.  I could feel the water, I would have been soaked had the attraction not have provided a poncho to keep the water off.  I could hear the roar of the water.

Now time to go home so I could catch my flight home.



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photo by: hnunu25