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I have been to Toronto several times and for some reason have always managed to overlook that Niagara was more around the corner than not.....

I went with my uncle in the morning to pick up a minivan from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  Probably the best rental car company in North America.  Good Rates and for the most part a good vehicle.  After waiting about 25 minutes our van had arrived.  Went home to pack-up.

After packing the van, which did take a little time....we left to pick up Dom from where he was staying in Toronto and then to Markham to pick up the load of passengers.  Most of the passengers were friends of my aunt's that she had gone to school with.  They were up on holiday and were have a reunion.  After a check and a double check we were off to the greatest falls in the world I would say.  I have not seen many if anyone knows of a better one, please let me know.

We drove into Niagara Falls (the city, not the water) and a short distance before reaching everyone seemed to need a pit stop.  We pulled off at the closest exit along the highway and stopped at a Tim Hortons.  Tim Hortons in Toronto and in the United States' NorthEast seem to be much of a staple.  Kind of like a on every corner.  We all did what we had to do, grabbed a bit to munch on and continued the route.

I was able to see many wine vineyards along the way and wanted to stop at each and everyone of them.  No, I am not an alcoholic, however wine tasting has always been something that I have wanted to do.  We kept driving and finally got to the destination.  Arriving at the newer casino in Niagara Falls, we walked in to find a restaurant......lunch was the plan.  First to the chinese buffet, then to the food court.  Everyone then split up and had what they wanted to eat.  Dom and I went to the pub.  I don't remember what I had to eat, but I can tell you it was tasty.  I don't remeber not liking it at all.  So definately good food.

After lunch, Dom and I made our way to take some pictures, then walked around the outside of the casino to find a tall hill that we would have to get down so that we could be at the falls.  I was hoping to get down quickly enough that I could get on Maid of the Mist, but no such luck.  With the time commitments, had to get back up to the top so we could move onto the next adventure.

Now back in the casino, we located some of the party, but not all.....  Dom and I went into the actually casino where some light gambling could happen.  I know that I came out lighter than I went it.  Was fun for just a bit though.

Back in the van, we are all secured and on our way to Niagara on the Lake......

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Niagara Falls
photo by: portia