Colorado 14ers - Mt. Wilson & El Diente

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Finally, a hard 14er.  Well, hard compared to the stupid front range 14ers where you and 20 other people walk gingerly for 4 hours.  The San Juans are beautiful, very expansive and secluded.  Myself and Skinny Scott Eney drove down for this climb.  We hiked in 5 miles to set up camp at Navajo Lake (what a beautiful place) and then got up at 4am to start our day.  It ended up being 12 hours of hiking on class 2, 3 and 4 terrain.  Mt. Wilson is a great, great climb.  El Diente is a great, great climb...FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!  Actually, Diente is fine, but we both got tired of having 100% unsure footing on large loose talus for hours and hours.  We made the summit of Diente 2nd, at 12 noon, and thunder started to boom.
  So, we hopped down the ridge and traversed down this completely dangerous scree field.  At one point, Scott kicked down a boulder that was the size of a 27 inch TV.  Luckily, I was not in its path, or else I would not be here to write this cheeky journal entry.  Lots of exposure, lots of down climbing, a good long rappell resulted in an exhausing day.  Just as we got down, it started to hail like a motherfucker.  I had my helmet on, but Scott was not as lucky, and got painfully pelted in the head by marble sized hail as he ran back to the tent.  We got back to camp around 3pm, waited an hour for the storm to pass, then high tailed it out of there so we could get some fucking pizza w/double pineapple.  It was the best damn pizza I'd had in a while.  A great trip, one of the 4 great traverses in the state.  A good time was had by all.
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Inside the tent on Mt. Wilson in …
photo by: giotravel