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Having fun while waiting for BEP to take the stage.
Last night we were at the Black Eyed Peas concert in Parkorman. The reason I got the tickets for this concert was to treat my brother and his friends. But I ended up singing and  jumping up&down more. BEP's performance was great on the stage and I think the crowd did not dissapoint them also because they kept saying they will be back to Istanbul next year:)

One thing that surprised me was the age of the crowd. When I read on the ticket that "Kids below 12 will not be admitted to the concert and below 18 should be accompanied by a parent", I said to myself "Seriously, how many 12 year old kid will be coming to BEP concert?!"  Boy, was I ever so wrong before ??!!! I had not seen so many 12-13 year old kids happy to be with their parents before :)) Poor things though...they were shorter than anybody else so it was hard for them to see the stage properly. They tried to jump higher to see better. At one point, my brother helped one of them and took her on his shoulders for one song. She was happy after that:)

Despite the fact that I can hardly talk right now and my legs are still aching, it was a great concert. Pics will be coming up soon!

Eric says:
Cool, I had the chance to see them in SF a year ago (they were giving a free concert), but I was too lazy to make it out. Guess I'll catch them the next time they're in Istanbul...
Posted on: Jun 14, 2006
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Having fun while waiting for BEP t…
Having fun while waiting for BEP …
photo by: Memo