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Me at work on the ZEC La Blanche
Driving all the way through the tiny dusty land to this northernmost spot in Portneuf County would take no less than 3-5h ... from Rivière-à-Pierre.

So the distances are great!

The typical landscape will be mountainous surrounding covered with spruce, fir and birch. Passing many lakes, stream and wetlands. A cottage once in a while, lumberjack at work with their huge machinery, morraines, esker and all the feature of the geomorphology dictionnary.

The roads are made of sand (which usually comes from the nearest Esker and are worked up several time during the year (frozen road during the winter ... if opened) as the rain and other weather element can damage them. They were usually built by the lumbering company in a mean to get access to the ressouce and bring it back south, then they get manage by the authority who is responsible for the management and security of the land. The ZEC (Ecologically Controlled Zone body) which usually consist of one guard at the gate (the entrance to the Crown Land, 3-4 workers and/or scientist (biologists) helping with the maintenance and doing researches on flora or faunae and one attested Park Keeper, keeping an eye on poacher and that everyone have its registered card when being on the land (the only source of revenue for the body).

Then there is the lumberjack workers, and of course the holiday-maker or hunter who rent a cottage on the land from the government.

I did work on the ZEC for a certain time, filling up a contract for the planning service of my county where I needed to assess and survey the local camping spot. So I was staying and camping on the land itself, while packing my notebook and equipment in the morning to drive further on the woody territory on the pick-up truck to the next camping ground (which was just basically a few lots and a dry toilet). It took me a few days and it was the wild life back at its origin. At least the mosquitos season was at its end... otherwise between the thousands of type of mosquitos and flies these lands have. It would have been rough.

These lands are too huge and would be the size of a country like Luxembourg actually, so it is hard to give any specific details. There are many sight and site which are worth a visit, and also many landscape sightseeing spot. But if you are interested in faunae, here is your world as you are in the world of the raccoons, black bears, mooses, deers, foxes, wolves, coyotees, porcupines, blue jays and many others.

A list of local faunae:
Little Faunae

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Me at work on the ZEC La Blanche
Me at work on the ZEC La Blanche
ZEC Rivière Blanche - Lac Batiscan
photo by: maplefanta