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The '5 Dollar' Waterfall on the Batiscan River (this waterfall used to be pictured on our Canadian 5 dollar bill)
West of Rivière-à-Pierre (where the 367 turn westward) and after an excursion on the crown land we follow the river valley which gradually lead toward another large river the Batiscan River, but before that we pass the villages of Notre-Dame-de-Montauban and Montauban-les-Mines.

Just as the name says, these northern settlements were linked with the mining industry. Although Montauban is historically connected with Portneuf County and was part of it. The recent land division made by the government has splitted that part out of the region, so it is not administred by Portneuf County Council anymore and not even within the Greater Quebec Region. Though the historical connection remains.

This part of the county is so far from my place of birth, that it is not really the place I have happened to be often before. Although I know I have far family linked with that area... but most of them died at war.
One famous element when you drive in that I must say, really poor area, is the 5 Dollar Waterfall as it is commonly called, eventhough it has a different name on map.

Why does it hold such name? Well that waterfall use to figure on our old Canadian 5 Dollar bill, which makes quite a local pride. It is surrounded by a little woodland park full of pine and with a few seat. Clearly it is a nice spot to make an halt and its view is interesting. The government does have a project to damn the waterfall for electric purposes, even if the population oppose as it shows the destruction of a natural heritage. Though, I have no idea what will happens with such project. Maybe that beauty won't be available for future generation anymore.

Montauban's mining economy is on the decline, and gradually the village slowly look like a ghost town (it is far from all services). It also suffered a lot by recent winter flood when the El Nino system did cause problem in what should be a -30 degree winter which becomes a +5 degree winter with rains causing a quick snow melting (and the snow is the best dam system you can have).

A house with a land in that whole region would actually be available to all budget and could obviously be acquired for something like minimum 15000$. Which is like about 10000euros. So it does attract a younger population which is not having a high budget and is willing to live far from the centre.

A bit more west there is also the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables, which I did not count in the blog... as I actually have never been there.
So we are aiming back into the actual Portneuf County (or what is into Quebec Region) to St-Ubalde by switching to the Route 363 southward.

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The 5 Dollar Waterfall on the Ba…
The '5 Dollar' Waterfall on the B…
photo by: maplefanta