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When I say Dean, What do you think of, maybe it is somebody you know, maybe it is a relative, maybe it is even the name of a place your been to. For me Dean got a complete different meaning during the last week. As many might know last week was a very easy week. With a lot of relaxing, talking with Tere and to plan my next trip in Mexico. This trip is going to be with Hannah from Scotland (sorry, stupid joke I know, but very funny, for insiders only), sorry I mean England.

The destination was going to be Cancun and Yucatan, to enjoy the beach and see some remainders of the Maya's. But this is were Dean comes in. Dean is also know as a hurricane, the forth hurricane in 2007. Dean is not a very nice hurricane, because thanks to him/her (I don't know which gender a hurricane has) we probably have to rescedule our plans. The thing is according to the latest prediction were Dean is going to be a bad person it will be very difficult to decide if we can go or not. Because some sources say it will be dangerous and other say the weather will be bad but that is all. So what to do, don't feel like dying yet, but the things I heard about Cancun are really amazing and make me feel like going.

But if I decide that I should go what will be the state of Cancun, it probably won't be as nice as the postcards. These are questions that are bothering me at this moment. Another option is the west-coast of Mexico, but this is less appealing for me and another option is Chiapas, But is that going to be nice in the raining season.

If anybody knows the answer please let me know, but hurry up I have to leave on wednesday, because the ticket is already booked and if I want to change it, it should be done quickly 

To be continued ................................. (I will everybody know for my next location what I did)

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photo by: Mar_Mar