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Teddy and me going to Taxco

It was early in the morning when we (Me, Tere, Tere's mother, aunts, brothers and niece) took the car for our destination high in the mountains of Guerrero. Taxco is an antique colonial silver-mining center located in the northern reaches of the Mexican State of Guerrero. (source wikipedia).

When we arrived in Taxco we didn’t have any breakfast yet, but to get breakfast we had to drive up a very steep mountain. Luckily we had a 4x4 otherwise we would never made it up the mountain, because it was wet and very steep. At least that what I thought, because when going up we were being passed by “Volkswagen Beetles, No not the new ones, but the old ones, which figure as taxis all over Mexico. I think it had something to do with experience, but the sight sure is funny.


At the top we had some breakfast and I had my first (but not last) experience with the Aztec and Mayan culture.

Aztec Calander near to the "Hotel MonteTaxco"
It was an Aztec calendar, which can be seen in the picture. After the breakfast at the top we took the gondola into the valley. Which was a old but reliable gondola and you had a really nice view of the city and the mountains surrounding the city (with some really nice waterfalls).


The main reasons for coming here were the silver markets and the view from the other mountain (“Taxco” is built on two mountains). For me this was a great opportunity to take some pictures of the city (which as laws states, is completely white with brown roofs) and to learn things of the Mexican culture. This was also a good way for me to know Tere her family better.


The market was really interesting, because I never saw some many silver items before and the price was also really interesting.

One of the waterfalls seen from the gondola.
$20 for rings to $100 for necklaces ($ is the sign for Nuevo Pesos, the currency in Mexico). Not really expensive if you ask me. After seeing the markets we took a little bus, (I know I’m Dutch and I’m too tall) to go up the mountain to see the cathedral. The market plaza in front of the cathedral was full of vendors, restaurants etc…


Inside the cathedral we witnessed a wedding (or something like that) and I saw some beautiful baroque sculptures. The cathedral was small but very interesting. I tried to walk with a guild for a while, but it still took me too much effort to follow everything, because he was speaking in Spanish. Outside again I bought a Mexican finger trap and a really nice t-shirt.


We decided to go back to the car again and during the travel to there I made some more pictures.

The view of the city from the gondola.
Juan, Hector and Alma (Tere her brothers and niece) still wanted to ride a horse, but we decided not to (probably one person who reads this blog will be very pleased with this decision).


I must say this day was really tiring, but seeing people adapting themselves to nature like this is impressive. All in all “Taxco” is a really nice city to visit and you would like it even more if you love silver, because in “Taxco” there is plenty of silver.


Ps: Did I already told you that the view in all Mexico (where I have been are amazing and for people who were wondering, No I didn’t bought anything made of silver.

Ps 2: After learning Tere’s family better, I must say they’re amazing and it is an honor for me to make these kinds of travels together with them.

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Teddy and me going to Taxco
Teddy and me going to Taxco
Aztec Calander near to the Hotel …
Aztec Calander near to the "Hotel…
One of the waterfalls seen from th…
One of the waterfalls seen from t…
The view of the city from the gond…
The view of the city from the gon…
Teddy at the Cathedral of Taxco.
Teddy at the Cathedral of Taxco.
photo by: Biedjee