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First of all I would like to thank everybody who was concerned about me and my travel plans. The reaction were most of the time really funny and really sweet, because everybody was like "do you know there is a hurricane coming to Mexico". That is really sweet for warning me, but I probably knew it already before everybody else did.

I took the fact that there was a hurricane in my decision making process and we ended up in "Puerto Vallarta". Say what.... Yes Puerta Vallarta. A city on the other side of Mexico on the west-coast. The pictures on the internet looked really promising, that why we chose for this city.

The reason for not chosing the other is as following: Chiapas, because there is a rain season and I thought if I would like rain I go back to Holland, because it has been raining there the entire summer.
Cancun, because when we changed the tickets we didn`t know how bad Cancun was going to be hit and the risk of being in a beach resort without sun and which is complete destroyed isn`t a pretty perspectives and therefore we did deciced not to go there aswell.

That is why we deciced to go to  the west-coast, to bad there isn`t much old history here like Cancun and Chipas with all the ruins of the Aztecs and Mays`s but there are beautifull beaches where you can snorkel, and loads of other things. Next to that there is a jungle nearby where you can make the most beautifull hikes.

This is a update for everybody that has been worried about me. The next 7 days the weblog will be coming form the west-coast in Mexico.

Laurens.... over and out.... and still very much alive and kicking
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photo by: boicot