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Today we were going to do something entirly different than usual. Today we were going to the film set of "Predator", meaning to a place in the jungle of Jalisco. First we had to go to a small (commercialized) fishers town called Mismaloya. Mismaloya has a beautiful beach which we already saw from the other side when doing the snorkeling, but visiting the beaches was planned for later that day.

The first thing thought, we had to do was get to Mismaloya, like told before the best way and cheapest way to do this is Mexico is by bus. Therefore we went to the entrance of the park, not knwoing that we still had a long walk ahead. The walk was approx. 8 kilometers through a road that leaded to the jungle. The walk has heavy but really amazing and now I can finally say that I have been in a real jungle and not the one you see in a zoo. Because those one are nothing compared to the one I've been to today.

Reaching our destination we went to see El Eden a park in the middle of the Jungle, were you can abseil, canopy and many other extreem sports. Next to that you can relax at one of the many waterfalls. Because Most of us did bring enough moeny with us we didn't go to do extreem sport, but only to the waterfalls. Seeing those made we really realize why organization like Greenpeace want to protect the rainforests. I will never be able to describe in words how truly amazing this place was. With its natural slides, jumping places and many other things to do , this place was truly Eden for me. This is a amazing gift for us from God. The walk was really worth it and I couldn't thank the Lord enough for giving me the opportunity to see places like this.

First we enjoyed ourselves at the first waterfalls and after a certain while we went more upstream to see more different waterfalls. Like I said before the place was more than beautiful, with all its diversty. I also got to know which real life predators life in the jungle, ants, mosqitos and other insects. I got stung a couple times which was really painful, but nothing could take away the feeling of everything being really amazing.

After seeing everything it was getting late and we returned back to Mismaloya to see the beach which was really comfortable and nice. Because my feet and legs were really painfull after all the waking we took the bus back to Puerto Vallarta and after some rest we ate somthing and it was the end of a amzing day.

For everybody wondering, no I didn't see the filmset of "Predators", but yeah never liked the movie anyway.

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photo by: E_Beth