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Rain, rain, rain and more rain and eventually there will be some sun at the end of the week, but for now there is rain. And when I'm talking about rain this not the rain used to have in the Netherlands, No it is rain like raining was meant to be, because after a certain while you can swim in the streets of Puerto Vallarta.

When saying this I hear some people saying, yesterday you where mocking the people back in the Netherlands with that there is only rain and that it is sunny here. I know its ironic that it is raining here now aswell, but the strange thing is, I like it. It is really amazing, our hostel is really close to a jungle and seeing the rain come down like this is beautiful and amazing. Specially if you made some plans to go into that jungle and see the waterfalls and rivers after this much rain. In a strange way jungles and rain go perfectly together, because a jungle without rain wouldn't be that special (in my opinion) and rain without a jungle is not the special because the rain is just wet and nothing more. When the jungle is wet, things start to life, animals are awaking and everything looks so much more alive, that is why I like the rain so much here.

But I haven't only been enjoying the rain. Today Hannah and me plus 2 other girls from the hostel (from England and Australia) have been in Puerto Vallarta. A really nice and quiet beach town, with a beach that is worthless if it is raining (yeah that was the bad news of having rain today) and some really nice statues on the boulevard. (sorry, cannot upload my pictures at the moment but they will follow) The city is really cozy and with it has something special when the rainwater is coming down from the mountain. In town we did sme shopping, because one of the other girls needed flip-flaps and Hannah wanted to send some postcards (which wasn't a big success). During the time Hannah and me with made some plans for the coming 2 days. First tomorrow we will go the some islands nearby to do some snorkeling and sorry mam horseback riding to a beautifull waterfall, because tomorrow morning the weather is going to be more or less better with a bit sun and 33 degrees after that more rain. On Saterday were asked a local to join us to another waterfall for some hiking, swmming and rock jumping and maybe some bungee jumping (again sorry mam).

And in short that is the weather forecast and travel plans straight from Hostel Oasis in Puerto Vallarta. Laurens is signing out, Goodbye and a good evening

Ps: I really miss you and love you honey :D
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