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Today I was going to do something special and after a week of relaxing in "Cuernavaca" it felt good to do some travelling again. Today our destination was going to be Teotihuacan and more important the Aztec ruins that are found there. The travel group of today was going to be Hannah, Tere, Ricardo and me. That's why we headed first to Mexico City to pick up Ricardo. The trip to Mexico City was done by bus and metro, which was actually quit boring, because I was to tired to to enjoy it. We woke up at 7 in the morning and I'm not used to that anymore, most of the time I wake up at 10.

After picking up Ricardo we went by car to Teotihuacan. From a small distance you already see the temple of the Sun standing above all the tree and during this view a thought went trough my mind.

Last week I visited Cholula and it was said that there was the biggest man-made-building of the old age. Seeing the the temple of the sun made me really wonder how huge this temple must have been, because the temple of the sun was already huge and we had to climb it.

After parking the car we went to the ruin site, and come to think of it, it was my first time in a Aztec city which was still more or less intact. It was amazing, the looks of this city were truly amazing and I was thinking what this place would be like in its glory days. I found out that this place used to be a jungle with plants and animals everywhere. At the moment it looked old and death, but that used to be really different. We decided to go up the temple of the sun, which was a very difficult climb, because like every temple the stairs are really small and way bigger than my big European feet.

At the top of the temple the view was amazing and at the centre there used to be the ritual place and if you would hold your finger there for 15 seconds you would be recharged with energy. I didn't do it, because being in a place like that filled me with adrenaline. We went down again after enjoying the view and we were literly ambushed by souvenirs venders. I had to fight for my life to get away, so many of them were there. I didn't surive and I bought a really nice T-shirt.

But there was still mcuh more to see at therefore we decided to walk to the temple of the Moon, a smaller temple than the temple of the sun but equally impressive. The only negative point was that you could go to the top of the temple. Half-way there was a barrier which prevented you to go any further.

The square in front of the temple was the best of the entire site. On each site there were two other small temples and in the centre there was a platform where public rituals were performed, this also inclued ritual sacrefices. This was for the time special, because most of the ritual were only to be seen by the priest and other people with high positions in society , but mainly only by religious people. I went up this temple alone, because the other were or tired or overheated. The view there was special because you could look up the entire main road of the city, the road of the dead. It looked really amazing, because next to the road there where or other houses or smaller temples.

Down to earth again (meaning on the ground) we went to the toilet, because walking makes you wanting to go to the potty.

In the end this was a very wise decision because otherwis we wouldn't have seen some really nice stuff. Near the toilets there was the "gouvener palace" (or whatever it is called) and the "place of the jaguars" The gouvener palace was small but amazing ,because there some some murials that were intact. Tere overheard a guide and the explantion is really nice. You have to ask me again with the pictures and I will give the explanation, because it is to long to write it down here. At the "place of the juguars" we went inside in some sort of a museum and inside we saw some sort of shires, probably belonging to the rain god, but they weren't quit sure about that. In any ace there were some amazing murials with parrots give water to a plant that could be find here.

Outside the museum again we decided to take a long walk to the temple of quetzalcotl, which in my opinion was the best temple, because there were two temples, one in front and one behind that and because you couldn't see the temple behing the one it looked like another temple but even smaller than the other two.

The others decided no to go and the waited on the staires infront of the temple square. I went and I looked really nice, because the statues behing the boring temple were really amazing. It were the faces of quetzalcotl.

After I decided to return back (because I couldn't make them wait for to long) we went to "La Gruta" a restaurant build within a cave (read my review for more information) That was the best desert we could have after a day like this. We ate something and we returned to Mexico to get the bus to "Cuernavaca" again. In order to plan our next trip to Cancun, or Not.

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