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So, yeah, everything is booked, but it's been rough getting to this point.  I'm normally not a stickler for details, but I figure the more I have handled before I fly, the more time I can spend drunken and care-free once I touch down.  So, I've changed my hotel reservations at least 10 times in the last two weeks.

Well, first, I found that it was a bit cheaper to fly into Prague than into Budapest.  So, I figured since I've got two weeks, that's time enough to hit up both places, and I can just take the train between the two.  Actually flights are pretty cheap too.  So, that's how the plan became to spend a few days in Prague, a week in Budapest, then a few more days in Prague.  So, I made a few Czech buddies on MySpace, and found out that the weekend I hit town, there's a big hip-hop festival about 50 miles north of Prague in a town called Mimon (http://hiphopjam.cz/?lang=en).  But, checking the bus and train schedules, it was going to be a pain in the ass getting back and forth being that it would take 2 hours by bus, and I would have to leave at 8 pm.

Long story short...wasn't able to find a room in Mimon (it's a really small village), so I decided to just take a chance, cancel my room in Prague the first few nights, reserve a rental car, and hope that I can find a room in a town nearby.  Worst case scenario, I end up sleeping in the rental.  I've slept worse places. :)

Then I decided that I'd like to overnight in Brno on my way to Budapest.  That way, not only do I get another town in, but it breaks up the long train ride.  Then I figured I'd do the same thing on the way back to Prague by overnighting in Bratislava.  Oh, and I figured that since I'm renting a car for the first few days, it would be a shame not to swing over to Germany and say 'hey' to a few old friends in Coburg.  So, the actual gameplan has gone through a few iterations.  But, I think I've got it pretty solid now.

Friday and Saturday in Ceska Lipa (town near Mimon) and hope I can find a room
Drive to Coburg Sunday and crash at a friend's
Drive back to Prague Monday, return rental car
Train to Brno Tuesday
Train to Budapest Wednesday, stay for a week
Train to Bratislava the following Wednesday, overnight
Back to Prague for Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Sunday, I'm back on a plane home

Thank GOD hotels.com doesn't charge a fee for cancelling or changing reservations.
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