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We hit the casino last night. Well the roulette was run by some miserable sod that made it about as much fun as stubbing your little toe on a hard object !! The slot machines were litteraly that. You put your money in and pull a lever, thats it . No nudging, no holding. BORING. However caz won well on the roulette, and I came out about evens and Si LOST !! Then we discovered the blackjack, the croupier was great, very friendly, very helpful too. We played this for a good 3 hours myself and Si, at one piont Si was heavily down (Not big bucks I hasten to add) and I was up by $40 !! Caz wandered off and played on the machines a little later. By the end of the night, about 230am Si was a little down (only financially that is) I was up $20 and Caz was down a litrtle too. But we got lots of free beers all night  (I think they were running low on Bud thanks to SI) and  we had a really good laugh.

Off to other hotels today on the strip to go on all their rollercoasters and other rides. I wonder if there will be a sign saying 'not for those with a heart condition', I can never read those signs, i suddenly become illiterate !!

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Las Vegas
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