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I'm probably going to piss off a lot of travellers when i say this, but marrakesh isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps it was because I went on a slightly stressful work trip. We didn't actually do any work, but we did a lot of bonding. A LOT OF BONDING. It all got a bit Big Brother.
Anyways. marrakech is a culture shock. We stayed in a riad right by the city's central square and as soon as the bus dropped us we were in trouble. Apparently our couch was blocking the road and the police came to move us on. The riad wasn't expensive. If I were to hand out advice I'd say GO EXPENSIVE. I shared a room with my work partner Liz. It smelt like piss the whole time and our towels got rusty when we hung them up. There was no pool and in that heat you need one. We got in trouble the first night when our company got drunk and the men displayed their pants on the roof. Morrocco is a muslim country. There was a no alcohol rule in the riad. My college Anthony had the best pants if you are interested.
wandering through the Souke is very interesting. The place is buzzing and if you are willing to barter you can get leather goods for a fraction of the price in Britain. Unfortunately they smell like cows. My friend's bag is still sitting on his balcony coz it smells so strongly. You also have to learn to jump out of the way of scooters which weave their way through crowds at speed and fend off men who call you "Scouser Spice" and make comments about your boobs. At nighttime the central square is full of stalls selling snails, meat, orange juice (not recommended unless your stomache is lined with metal) and also people with monkeys and snake charmers. The water here is not good. Alot of us got very very ill.
The funniest moment of the holiday was when my company took us for a masssage and hammam (is that what it's called). We went for the massage in two's. I went in with another girl and a male and female masseuse met us. I got the man. He told me to strip apart from my pants. I did not feel comfortable. THIS IS A MUSLIM COUNTRY! AND IM TOPLESS! The masseuse certainly got an eyeful and left me uncovered for far longer than neccessarily. And he massaged my breasts. To top it off he kept whispering "Ca Va?' in my ear. So disturbing.
At the end of this we wrapped up and headed for the hammam. Four of us, all girls, were taken in by two women who barked instructions at us like "YOU", "KNEEL" while we slipped around covered in mud starkers apart from our pants. Now you see what I meant by A LOT OF BONDING. It was totally hilarious and I did feel cleansed by the end.
The complete opposite of all these experiences was our day at the luxurious Nikki Beach. The place where all the rich beautiful tanned europeans go to pose and lie on big white beds by a pool that hardly anyone swims in. Gorgeous. We tried to get into the Pasha nightclub's pool too but those people are complete bastards. We did get into PASHA the nightclub itself though and a very drunken time it was too. It was very empty but such good fun.
Ok thats enough now over and out (I'm off to the pub...with work...pants time!)
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