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We love to take short trips every now and then...

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July 9th, 2009Beverly Hills, California
December 20th, 2013Coronado Island California, United States
December 21st, 2013San Diego, California
December 21st, 2013Point Loma California, United States
December 23rd, 2013Los Angeles, California
July 5th, 2014Hanford, California
July 6th, 2014Gorman, California
July 6th, 2014Malibu, California
July 7th, 2014Universal City, California
July 7th, 2014Port Hueneme, California
July 8th, 2014Little Tokyo Los Angeles , United States
July 8th, 2014Los Angeles, California
July 8th, 2014Inglewood, California
July 8th, 2014Little Tokyo Los Angeles City California, United States
July 9th, 2014Beverly Hills, California
July 10th, 2014Ontario, California
July 31st, 2014Lone Pine, California
August 5th, 2014Bridgeport, California
August 5th, 2014Oakhurst, California
August 5th, 2014Manzanar, California
August 13th, 2014Lee Vining, California
August 16th, 2014Fresno, California
August 30th, 2014CA Highway 1, United States
August 30th, 2014Cayucos, California
August 30th, 2014Morro Bay, California
November 1st, 2014Irvine, California
November 2nd, 2014Los Angeles, California
November 22nd, 2014San Diego, California
August 7th, 2015Calistoga, California
August 7th, 2015California, United States
August 7th, 2015Ukiah, California
August 8th, 2015Fort Bragg, California
August 8th, 2015Mendocino County, United States
August 9th, 2015CA Highway 1, United States
November 11th, 2015Point Arena, California
November 12th, 2015Mendocino, California
November 13th, 2015Martinez, California
November 16th, 2016San Jose, California
November 17th, 2016Gilroy, California
December 16th, 2016Pasadena, California
March 11th, 2017CA Highway 58 NW, United States
April 10th, 2017Carrizo Plain National Monument, United States
April 10th, 2017Taft, California