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Flew out of Green Bay on Sunday the 22nd. This was our first time flying Allegiant Air. It was a decent no-frills airline. You get what you pay for. We'll fly it again, as you can't beat the direct service. Went w/ Mike's parents (J & P) and it was their first trip to LV.

Got into LV on-time. Luggage is always such a pain there. However, Allegiant has their act together and the luggage was quick. I had the brilliant idea to do the Airport check-in since we always seem to stand in the checkin line for an hour at the hotel. The guys got the luggage before MIL and I had a chance to check in. However, Mike & I did get upgraded to a "P" suite. Which was great, it had a view of the pool and Eiffel Tower on one side and the Bellagio fountains on the other. My parents had the P last time we stayed at the Paris, and we had a crappy view of the parking structure. I just asked the kid for the upgrade and got it. He probably thought I was going to slip him a $20, which I didn't bother. J & P also got a great view of the Eiffel Tower and pool. Took a limo to the Paris. Our philosphy, you need to arrive in style, but you could end your trip in a cab :)

Sunday Night - We to Aladdin and played a few slots. Did't play too much there since we don't have a card. However, got a SilverStrike before it changes over to the PH. Had dinner at the Spice Market Buffet, which is my favorite buffet in Vegas. After that went through the Desert Passage. Watched the rain show, which we haven't seen since our trip in 2000. Stopped for the flip-flops I forgot to pickup at Hilo's during our September trip. Also, saw a surf-board rug that goes great in the masterbath. After that went over to Bellagio. I don't think I've ever gambled in the Bellagio. However, during all our trips, the Conservatory has always been closed for the next set-up. It was open for Chinese New Years and it was a cool display. The next stop and the only reason I go into Bellagio is the for ritual trip to Tiffany's. I don't know why I don't just stop buying the "cheap" jewelery each trip and save a couple times for the diamond palm tree necklace... But I got a basic RTT necklace. Back to Paris for more gambling. Down in gambling for the day. In bed around 11pm and ran into Ed McMahon in the elevator going up to the room (I think he stopped on the 8th floor).

Monday - January 23
Out of the room by 5am. J & P are not as into gambing as Mike & I so we tried to get our gaming fill in the morning before we met-up with them (went to Bally's & Paris). We had breakfast at the Paris buffet. Spice Market is my fav dinner and Paris is my fav breakfast. Such great crepes!  It's funny because at home, I hate buffets, but they are great in Vegas.  After breakfast we went to the Hoover Dam. It was a great blue sky day, but the wind was horrible. We took the "Hard Hat Tour" in '99 and haven't been on a tour since. We took the tour this time. You didn't see too much, but for approx $10 / pp it was worth it. You were only able to see the generators inside. They are builing a bridge to go over the valley, which should be open next year. That'll provide some great photo ops of the Dam. After the Dam we stopped at the Lake Mead lookout, which was also a first for us. Lake Mead looks so cool and we always say one trip we need to rent jet-skis and go around the lake. From there we went to the Red Rock Canyon. This was our 2nd time to the Canyon. Same as before, very nice. However, we did see some Burro's, which was probably the highlight, but unfortunately that was on our way out. From there we drove to Venetian. Never really gambled at their casino before, looked around for SilverStrikes but could not find any, so we just took in all sights of the V. It is still amazing. From there we decided to head to Circus Circus to see the Circus acts (never seen those). Went into the parking structure where the elevators didn't work and grafetti was everywhere. It just solidified our feelings that "Yes, Circus Circus is still a dump". Headed DT a little earlier then expected. Gambled at the Cal for a bit. I was hoping for a Silver Strike there that featured one of the HI islands, but they were all celebrating the Chinese New Year so I didn't even try. The Cal is probably my fav place DT. From there we headed to Main Street Station buffet for dinner. This place used to be good and was always our DT dinner stop. However, we think it really went downhill, so we will need to find a new eatery DT. After that went to see the FSE. It was a cool one w/ cars and racing, one that we haven't seen before. Stopped at ABC so I could stock up on my traditional "tourist junk". I think my highlight was the Welcome to LV sign luggage tags, as you know you just can't live w/o those! The only other place we gambled at DT was the Nugget. They offered $10 in free play for each new slot card. All 4 of us signed up. I believe, J, P & Mike all lost their $10. I turned my $10 into about $40 (on Cleopatra nickels) plus a Silver Strike. From there we left. We really don't like DT. It is dirty and the places are small. However, it is nice to head DT for a night to checkout the FSE. Next stop was NYNY. This is one of our fav casinos. Mike likes the nickel Bunco machines and NYNY is the only place we've found them. He had never done good or received a bonus before. However, him and P sat down to play a "tournament". This time he actually did good and got the bonus a few times. Back to the Paris then for more gaming and bed around 11pm.

Tuesday January 24th -
Out of room again at 5am to head over to Ballys, then back to Paris for gaming. Met up with J & P around 7:30am and headed over to Flamingo for their breakfast buffet. I have never had their buffet before and it was great, with a nice view of the garden. Form there we saw the penguins and flamingos. I won $335 on the Double-Diamond w/ Cheese (or called something like that, I just call it Burger Burger) bonus round. Then another $80 +/- on the reg payline and another $50 +/- on payline. Overall, pulled $500 out of that machine. The Flamingo is the one hotel in LV that I have never stayed at and really want to. I know, it's not the most flashy, but the LV history is there and I love flamingos. Maybe next trip... From there we went over to Caesars to see the fountain shows and look around. There was the Exotic Cars that opened and Mike wanted to see. That was disappointing. He was really hoping he could buy some Porsche clothes or a diecast of his car. But it was all either more exotics or basic American car memborilla. They had about 50 cars and motorcycles on display. From there went over to O'Sheas to gamble. J found the Hexbreaker there (at least I think she found it there) and that became her fav machine. Go figure, the unlucky #13 as someones fav. I started to feel sick from all the eating, so I went back to Paris for a quick nap, and Mike, J & P stayed out gambling. They went over to Barbary Coast and then back to Paris to get me. We then went up the Eiffel Tower. That has some great views of the strip. It is equally as good during the day and night. It was quite cold up there though w/ all the wind. Later in the day we headed over to the Monte Carlo. We used to love this place, and it does have great rooms. However, their slot selection has went downhill, IMO. From there we went to NYNY, and Mike & P had another "Bunco tournament". I won about $150 on the Top Dollar quarters. We were all stuffed still from breakfast, so our dinner was a pretzel at the NYNY. From there we went over to MGM to checkout the lions. Weren't too active. J & P had tix to KA, which they liked quite a bit. Mike & I were at KA 4 months prior and didn't want to pay that much to go to the same show so soon. While they were at KA, we went over to the Excalibur and gambeled. The Ex is probably our fav casino. I know, it's not the most ritzy, but we probably like it because it has a wide variety of machines, plus their casino seems huge. Went back to MGM then to meet up w/ J & P. From there I walked back to Paris, since I was still not feeling too good. Mike, J & P all went to the foutain night show.

Wednesday January 25th -
Out of room at 5am again and stayed at Paris to gamble. Met up w/ J & P around 8am and headed over to the Ex. We just had Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Gambeled there for awhile. From there we went to the Luxor to look around. Did our standard, wait and get into the guest elevator, and go up to a floor to look down into the pyramid. It's a pretty neat view. Didn't do to much gaming at Luxor. J won on the Price of Right nickels. Went over to M&M World and World of Coke. It's an OK stop, as Mike, J & P all had frozen cokes and I had reg. But, I would not waste valuable Vegas time on these two places. We went back to our room so we could get packed up for our early morning flight the next day. Met back up in about an hour and went over to Bellagio for a day viewing of the fountains. Those things are so amazing. I think our first trip to LV, we saw the fountain show 17 times!!! So now, we limit ourselves :) From there we went over to O'Sheas, Barbary Coast and IP for gaming. Those places are OK. I did actually see the Cleaopatra II at the BC. My friend Cindy got me addicted to the original Cleo and Cleo II just does not stack up. We went ot Mirage and looked around. The white tiger habitat was being renovated so they were gone. Did some gaming at the Mirage. What I love about gaming at the Mirage (and also TI) is that the have these really comfortable leather chairs for sitting in. They are probably the most comfortable in all of town!! And, they are not stained and cigarette burned like some stops earlier in the day. It also smells great in Mirage. Mirage is the first place, the we've stayed at in LV, so that places will always be the fav for obvious reasons. We had dinner at Mike's fav buffet, Cravings. I was too full and still not feeling good enough to eat enough food to get my moneys worth of the $25 / pp price tag. From there we watched the Volcano. I think this was the only time we have ever actually stopped and saw the Volcano (when we stayed there, we had a view from our room, which we watched). Went back to Paris around 9pm. J & P went up to bed. We couldn't end out last night in town that early. So we gambled quite a bit at Paris. Won a few hundred on the Top Dollar quarters and Quack Shot Quarters. Won about $75 on the Slingo nickels. Put a couple hundred in the Top Dollar $1 machines. Broke even after playing on the same machine for about 1/2 hr. From there went up to room and packed up.

Thursday January 26th
Flew out of LV at 6:45am to GB. I was dreading that flight back ever since we booked our trip. However it was the best flight ever. Got to the airport, and was out before the plane even took off. Woke up and we were about 1/2 hr away from landing in GB. But then we ran into a problem wiht our luggage. One of my snazzy luggage tags that I just had to buy got stuck in the luggage conveyor system. About 1/2 the bags were on the luggage conveyor then it stopped. And, it stopped for about 1/2 hr. J was freakin' out that our luggage was lost. Mike was running around trying to get someone to find out where our luggage was (aka he was freakin' out as well or he was just pissed). Paul was just standing there calm as could be. I was actually hoping our luggage was lost as it could be an excuse for not going to work the next day. But then it starts back up and my suitcase comes up all bent up and the luggage tag was partially missing. Yes, that was me with the Red Suitcase!

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Las Vegas
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