i saw a woman who looked like william h. macy in cinque terre

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(this is an old blog entry that i posted on myspace... just reposting it here. enjoy!)

last weekend i said,

fuck work
fuck 'mission statements'
fuck deadlines
fuck stress
fuck customer complaints
fuck naggy bosses
fuck paper jams in the fax machine
fuck coffee that tastes like an old boot
fuck you yuppie scum

so i impusively left town and went to cinque terre with a backpack, my cameras, 3 buns of bread, smoked salmon, a bottle of orange juice, clean clothes, 100 euros in my pocket. no hotel reservations, no maps, no companions, and no real plan. i just went to milano centrale, bought a train ticket to la spezia, kind of got lost on the way, but ended up at my destination in an odd twist. luckily, when i got there, the hostel had a vacancy. i even had the room to myself. i didn't have to share with 5 other people. and the weather was great for hiking and all-around roaming.

i have to go there again. if anyone is going, tell me, because i'll be there faster than you can say "ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM"

to convince that it is worth going there, here are some visual aids.
sinnedrome says:
no convincing needed :) the place is awesome and i cant wait for august for my first visit. ciao!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2008
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this cat followed me around for a …
this cat followed me around for a…
Cinque Terre
photo by: Eric