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about AD 1100 a dry farming culture known as the sinaguan,  entered this area from the north. around AD 1250 they began building communal structures in the cliffs. two of these evolved into five-story houses. Montezuma castle contained 20 rooms while Castle A, 100 yards to the west, contained 45.  it might have been considered a castle as this particular cliff dwelling was situated so high up in the cliffs, and remains so perfectly intact. unfortunatelu, i was not bale to go up to the cliff i am sure it is quite brittle and prone to more erosion and wear as tourisst would surely trample. from the pictures i have included of the Castle A dwellings, they appear much simpler in form and merely show holes in the walls of these mountains.
but, note the remnants of walls at the base. remember that these have been here for many centuries. try to imagine what it must have been like so very long ago. how far out did the dwellings actually stretch from the mountains? were there once platforms, on which kids played? did castle A look like montezuma castle at one point?
it was sheer excitement being there...musing over what it must have been like so many centuries ago, wondering how in the world they got up there, and made such fascinating and intricate structures. as in sedona, there is a penetrating energy here as well. i was listening in on a conversation being held by some folks observing the structures...."they ventured that it must have been done with lasers..." most of you probably snickered at this. is not anything possible? if you have ever questioned the pyramids or temples of india, which surpassed the height and building materials of any pyramid, then therein might lie things our modern age has forgotten, or rediscovered. what do you think?
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