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not only was I completely overwhelmed by the natural beauty and colors of sedona, but also felt, literally, lighter or posessed, when i stood atop a mountain, on a vortex. indescribable feeling of being lighter, and heavier, at the same time. whew! i believe that the descriptions below explain the sort of energy i felt, though it seemed as though it were yin/yang. an equal balance. :) there are five main vortices, and i was on the airport vortex...which is so called because it is by the airport (heh heh). this aiport is situated on top of a mountain, and is the same place i went to for my bi-plane ride over the red rock desert and mountains last march. the energy vortex is described as having a gentle masculine energy, though i felt both very strongly.

In Sedona we have several powerful energy spots. There are two basic types of energy. There are spots that have a masculine energy, which is electric in nature. This energy is perceived as an active, assertive, outgoing and yang energy, which takes us into doing. Other spots have a feminine energy, which is magnetic in nature. This energy is about nourishing, feeling, the heart and is yin. This is an energy of being. 

Whether and how the energies are consciously experienced is very different for each person. Both energies can have a profound effect on you, if you are willing to open up. For some people this may mean a life-changing experience, for others it may have less impact. If nothing else, everybody will enjoy the magical beauty of the places where the vortices are located.


Maureenie says:
That's really neat that you felt that so strongly! I went to Stonehenge last weekend, hoping to experience something of the same, but didn't quite feel what I was hoping I would. It was very intriguing, though.
Posted on: Nov 05, 2006
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photo by: Fitnessguru729