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that's what i'm talking about...

It was one of the best weekends... again.

This Saturday I understood how easy it is for me to find pleasures in simple things. We were lying on the wooden bank of small lake near the manor we decided to visit this time. And I asked my friend: am I the only one who is getting mental orgasms just from lying here and breathing and feeling sun on the skin. And he replied: of course it is all nice, but... But if there was an armchair, and some shade, and a glass of cool wine, this would be much better. It looks like it is never enough. But this was enough for me, just some minutes of complete calmness, where you don't have to run and you just don't want anything more. Maybe, there is too much pathos in this, but there are moments you feel something so big that it is very hard to explain in usual words.

And it is very convenient that I am able to enjoy these things. Very useful for a girl who is completely broke. Doesn't look like I am going to travel further than this in the nearest future.

Anyway, this place: Palmse manor is worth a visit, or maybe not just one. It is a great place to spend a day off.

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thats what im talking about...
that's what i'm talking about...
white men can jump :)
white men can jump :)
three monkeys
three monkeys
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