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So... I promised one of my travbuddy friends (here I wave my hand and smile) to show some pictures of Viljandi. I am sure that Viljandi is probably the most beautiful town in Estonia (after Tallinn, of course), but I haven't been there lately. So most of my old pictures are recorded to cds and hidden far away. It took me some time to find this one, but obviously this trip of August 2005 wasn't very informative. But until better times come and I find more suitable pictures...
I remember this trip as being very much fun. We had a friend from Kiev and a friend from Novosibirsk visiting and we just came back from a several day wedding, so noone was thinking about sightseeing. Or at least we were not thinking about it too much. Still, Viljandi is a great place to walk around and spend a day just relaxing and doing nothing. Of course, it doesn't have a shoreline like most of the towns in Estonia, but it is situated on the side of the lake, and it has all basic attractions of old town, like castle remains, parks, bridges and so on.
Actually, I think it is time for me to visit it once again :)

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photo by: anjok