4 countries, 3 timezones and no money in my bank acct. in less than 24 hrs

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so i've left the eternal city and now i am in Asia...in Hong Kong...(for those of you that don't know where that is...it's a city in the SE coast of China...used to be a british colony and was returned to China when it's 100 yr old lease expired).

Here are a few highlights of the last 5 weeks i managed to survive...

- didn't get the job at the coffee house as my italian was not good enough (i was good w/ the american tourists tho! =P

- So instead of learning more italian i embarked on a 10 day trip that took me around Italy...
My friend from college and i went to:
Napoli (managed to avoid the mafia)
Pompeii (it was impressive)
Pisa (that tower is really leaning...altho it's not that impressive)
Cinque Terre (hiker's paradise...beautiful place)
Firenze (took illegal pics of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli)
Venezia (slept with 40 other ppl at the train station)
Prague (czech girls are way better looking than seb)
Budapest (KGB was still watching...)
-welcomed my 30th August 11th homeless, penniless and  jobless...was sleeping at La Spezia train station...although my REAL friends from CAPA did come to Firenze to celebrate my birthday with me! 
-Almost got abducted in Croatia and spent 14 hrs on a train with 2 portuguese guys and one crazy italian...
-broke my camera on my last day in rome, guess it wasn't meant to be...believe it or not some good samaritan turned it into the Lost & Found at Logan and i had it delivered.  u can see some pics at www.travbuddy.com/madmax811
go to the bottom and click on the blog...
-my flight out of Rome was just as bad as my 1st day in Rome...i was charged EUR 667(about what i had left in my bank acct by the way) for overweight baggage...yes...i could have flown FIRST CLASS with what i paid but somehow i had a hard time letting go of the only earthly possessions i have left in this life. =P
AEROFLOT SUCKS! they couldn't even show a new movie...MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 was out like 12 months ago!!! grrrrr! oh yeah...and you know it's a crappy arse bad landing when ppl start clapping cuz they are so happy they are still alive when we landed!
-oh yeah...forgot to tell you...one of the perks of paying the extra EUR 667 penalty is that you don't get your luggage when you get to the airport! they never made the connection.  Gosh, who did i piss off up there!
-Finally...having an argie passport doesn't help much...everytime i go through customs...(and i did like 6 times in the last 24 hrs since i was in Rome, Moscow, HK and China) they look at my passport like it's fake and that it says that i am from Planet MARS...

anyhow...glad you are all doing well ppl...keep working and contributing to that 401K cuz you'll need it someday! =P  Glad the Yankees won last night!  And i kno Tom Brady will be a deadbeat father soon!

CrazyLisa says:
Oh my goodness. It sounds like it has been quite a trip already.
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
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