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The room - sleeping area and shower through the door, then sink (on left) and toilet (right) with ski storage bit in front room (where everyone can see in)

Well arrived at Cube hotel after 2,3hr drive from Graz.  Was glad to arrive - but not for long.  From  the outside (and inside) the hotel lives up to its name.  Went in and got our room and lift cards.  Main entrance is OK - desk, then a tv section, the meal section, and in the centre theres ramps leading to upper floors and down to the basement.  The room was a bit shit to be honest.  It was tiny - we booked the 4 person room because we thought it would be bigger - bad idea because the room was smaller as too bunkbeds were squashed into it.  Btw the walls in this place are just plain concrete, no paint so its kinda like being in a giant cellar.

It gets better - the room is public.  The whole front wall and the entrance door to the room are glass (with a bit of colour on it) so everyone outside/walking past can see in.  You could shut the door to the sleeping area but the sink is in the front part of the room so you can wash in full view of everyone, esp shit if you have public seats right outside your room.  Thankfully the toilet was private (in front see through section but in a separate cubicle).  Also there is nowhere to sit in the room, but you can sit downstairs in the entrance hall (and watch TV) with everyone else unfortunate enough to be staying in this bunker.

(OK, maybe I over reacted cos I like my own space - if your not bothered about privacy you'll probably have no probs with this hotel, but just thought I'd warn you).

sinaasje says:
I think you are over reacting a little:)
From outside you could look into the box to put your stuf in, but you can't look into the room. Or do you leave your room door open in other hotels as well?? :)
I just think it 's more like a youngsters hotel, practically hostel, so.... what you discribed seems normal :)
I was in the 8 persons room twice and liked it. The sink was inside there...
Posted on: Feb 24, 2009
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The room - sleeping area and showe…
The room - sleeping area and show…
photo by: sinaasje