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WEEELLLLL!!! for those who dont already know im in europe!!!   i tell u what tho it was hard to say goodbye to every1 for a felt like i was saying goodbye forever and before u think that i probably could i have issues to come back and sort out (ie my house). Whoever thought that it would be so hard to say goodbye especially when u have a special someone that you would like to get to know couldnt of happened like 6 months ago....noooooooo but i suppose thats the way the cards are delt and now that i think about it there is always a chance in the future...

So here i am in Perth airport and saying goodbye with the last memories of family and friend in my head (feels so long ago and its only been 1.5 weeks) but after all that sobbing getting to open cards and letters that ur mum and sis give u make u smile and feel like crying at the same time. After a 18 hr flight arrive in Amsterdam airport to my waiting cousins...having a coffee with a bit of tension as it was so long ago since we last met...but it gets better as time goes on and were like family again. 

So a quick rundown of events of the past week and a half:
Monday-Wed  just relaxing in a sleepy town called Soest. I was so f****d due to jet lag and chest infection i didnt really wanna do anything...but i saw the royal palace in Soest and saw the main strip of Soest which aint that big. (think of a smaller version of busselton)

Thurs- went to Amsterdam with my cousin Marcel. Ohh what a good time. Had dinner in an Argentinian restraunt and then went off to red light district to see the obvious attractions and have some beers. Didnt get to bed till 5am that nite so as u can imagine a good nite

Fri- caught the train to a town called Deventer where my other cousin Daniel and his partner Chantel lives. Went thru the city center and saw some pretty cool stuff. There was a hint of Italy and Spain with many small shops in narrow lane ways and what made it better was that it was rainy and gloomy and the path lamps and shop lights were so so so pretty. Absolutely gorgeous.

Sat- Went to Delft and saw some pretty cool stuff. Climbed a church tower and had a huge view which include the Haag and Rotterdam. You'll prob see my msn pic with me and glasses pretty high up...this was where the foto was taken. Came back around 5pm and then sat around till 8ish where Daniel, Marcel and I went to Deventer town center to party it up. Unfornately every1 but me was tired so headed back to Daniels house for a few beers and a movie

Sun- Rainy day over here so went to see another royal palace nicknamed "the loo" some funny stories with that one. In the evening headed off to the movies to see Harry Potter as it was the only movie on. Are u proud of me Megs??? lol It was interesting tho that they have an intermission half way thru the movie...i thought the cinema had broken down lol. Then the rest of sun was just watching tv. A cruzy but nice sunday to finish off the week

Monday - Wed - My auntie June came to pick me up and have been here ever since. A town called Ede which is very pretty. Mabey not as pretty Deventer but pretty never the less. Didnt do too much the 1st coulple of days as it was rainy but today (wed) i went to the open air museum which was not tells of dutch people during the 1700/1800's but its the same every where. After the 2nd hr i was starting to get bored and we left around 4hrs after getting there. Then the highlight of the day- hey i mite do that every day "highlight of the day"- was a ride in rob's convertable sports car. It wasnt so much the fact it was a rob's sports car but the scenery scene in the sports car was absolutely breathe taking...i wish i could put my memories on here then u will truly see how good it was. So 2 hrs of bliss and then back to auntie June's house where i was treated to some more really good cooking, possibly as good as my nonnas and that is saying something!!!. 

Well that is about it for now...i know its long blog but hey it was my 1st one an if u read this far i havent bored u as of yet :P ill be posting heaps more of these so keep an eye out and im sure ill talk to u all soon 
bye for now
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photo by: pearcetoyou