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Its now our fourth day in Bali, the Hotel is amazing, the Best Hotel we've both ever stayed in! Our room, well our villa :-) is just stuning. We've 7 rooms, a lounge, bedroom, dressing room, a shower room, a toilet, a proper bath room and a sink room with his and hers sinks! Its huge! The bath room is as big as our lounge back home, the bath itself is probably as big as our bath room. The villas has also got two 42ïnch LCD TV's, one in the lounge and one in the bedroom! We've also got our own private gardens, with gazebo and our own plunge pool. Oh yeah and one more thing, its on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, amazing views over the bay! Thats just our room, the hotel is just as amazing.

In typical Jayne and Simon fashion we've not really been able to lie around that much without getting bored, so we've been doing other things, like playing putting golf at the hotels own putting course, greens are better than some courses I've played back home! We've also had an 'aromatherpy session' which was amazing. It was done in a little hut half way down the cliff, literally on the rocks. We had a massage and a facial whilist listening to the waves crashing against the rocks below us, truely relaxing, and our legs feel much better now. We've also been swiming a lot at the various hotel pools, we've not swam in all of them yet, we're hoping to swim in the last few this afternoon. We've also done lots of walking, exploring the hotel and stopping for drinks. We've drunk fresh young coconut, straight from the shell. yummy (Pa, I always remember you saying that fresh coconut tastes so sweet and it certainly does!)

We're just sitting in the hotels library, surrounded by plush seating, bookcases full of errr books and DVDs, its pretty amazing and pieceful.

We're also recovering from our 6 course dinner last night, its the first time I've seen Jayne pretty much full!  Food here has been delicious, we've eaten at a Thai restaurant, a fish :-( restaurant (Simon even tried Swordfish!) and a western style restaurant last night. We're thinking of having a 'light' italian meal tonight, we really are stuffed! Oh yeah, breakfasts, I've never ever had breakfast like it, we've two choices a buffett in one restaurant, where you can have whatever you want like chinese dumplings, sausages, waffles, pancakes, fruit and other wierd stuff! Or you can have an a-la-carte breakfast at another much much quieter restaurant, with sea views, now breakfast here is like no other breakfast I've ever had. The service is something else, and the food well, i didn't think it was possible to make scambled eggs look amazing, but they manage, and it tastes out of this world.

So what are we planning to do the rest of the day, well hopefully just relax a bit, Simon's managed to burn himself so we're probably just lazing around the pool in the shade, do a bit of swimming and maybe a bit of golf later on if the sun goes in.

Oh yeah, the weather, yeah its been alright...... Guessing around mid 30s a little warm, patchy cloud which has been nice, as it breaks up the really intense heat from the sun.

Thats about it then folks, we're not long left now :-(, so we're just going to get on and enjoy whats left of our time here, lazing about and eating lots of food! Thanks to all of you who've sent us messages, and have been reading this. See you all soon when we're back in the UK...


Jayne and Simon


mikeharper says:
Simon & Jayne,

We have been editing the photos James took of the Wedding. Heads chopped off, close up photo's of various pints of beer, varying angles of young voluptuous ladies present and it goes on! I hope you have some startling photo's of your honeymoon and presumably Simon will not be in competition with James. Don't get burnt remember the system of sun rotation.

Love Ma & Pa (p.s. we haven't got the hang of this blogging thing yet)
Posted on: Aug 27, 2007
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photo by: mr_shanet