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From the top of St. George's Castle

I'll just quickly recap on the last few days..

uhh.. I can't remember the days off the top of my head. but..whilst still in Madrid we visited the Royal Palace which was so grandiose and just.. wow. wowowow. We also visited a museum called the Reina Sofia, which is more modern art and had some really lovely pieces by Dali in it.. some of his most famous works in fact.. I do so love Dali! I also wandered through the Archaeological museum which was AMAZING. There was a lot of early Romanic-Spanish stuff as well as Nubian and Egyptian. Some of the early human discoveries - bifacial and unifacial stone tools - choppers, arrows, axeheads, scrapers etc.. so I was mightily impressed. there was also a wooly mammoth skull wich showed evidence of being hunted.

Then a 10 hour bus trip to Lisbon, Portugal!

Lisbon is breathtakingly beautiful and so charming.

It's a very.. light coloured city.. light and airy. We booked a few tours for tomorrow and then went to see some random church, which in all onesty was a little dissappointing.. But afterwards we went to a ruined castle on top of the hill, over 2000 years old. so hurrah!

the tram are great here, so we trammed around for a little while before walking around the inner city.

Some beggar with a few dogs saw us and shouted out "Chinese bad!! They eat dogs!!"
I was SO tempted to tell him that his Husky looked awfully delicious and that if he wasn't careful, I'd happily eat it for breakfast, but mum and dad wandered off too quickly for me to say anything!

Shopping is good here too. YAY!

jefrois says:
i hear huskies are delicious lol
Posted on: Jan 09, 2010
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From the top of St. Georges Castle
From the top of St. George's Castle
photo by: Johnpro