so long, Paris darling. Much love ami!

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ookay..the past few days eh?

17th January.
Fabulous day. Went to the Medieval museum in the Latin Quarter.. saw the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestries which were pretty special.. Then a bit more wandering round Montmatre and bought a beautiful star ring from a little store that is run by the Jewellery school. So the ring came from a local artist's colletion.. really really pretty. I decied that it's my 18th birthday present to myself. So there!

In the evening we did a Paris Illuminations Tour and Moulin Rouge show.. AB FAB! Loved every minute of it.. The tower was so beautiful all lit up at night, and the show was magnificent. It was suprisingly classy, considering how much nudity was in it. The show was called Feerie and we got a bottle of top notch champers with it! So dad and I had a very enjoyable evening in the end! Still sad about teh lack of elephant though. :(

18th January
this morning dad and I climbed to the top of the Sacre Coeur - beautiful views of paris, given that the church is on top of the highest hill in Paris. Then we went to walk around Rivoli for  bit which was kind of cool and popped into La Samaritaine, which is a historical store that was decoated so beautifully. Bought a really cute handbag for next to nothing on sale.

Went to the Musee d' Orsay - wow. So many great artworks.. I relaly really enjoyed it, though I was a tad dissappointed with teh Klimt collection. There was none of his gold noveau period stuff there, though the Degas collection was very impressive.

Then to the archaeological crypt.. I went by myself as mum and dad weren't too interested.. they really did miss out though. No more excavations are being carried out, but it showed Gallic Pariisi very nicely.

Dinner with Judy and fmaily. Ste and I are getting along suprisingly well and our mums are now trying to set us up.. O_o ah well!


Not too much. Just exploring the city more. I decided to go back to Samaritaine as mum and dad rushed me yesterday.. Bought a corset. one that you can't breathe in if laced up correctly. SOLDES is my new favourite word! ^_^ Then onto Montparnasse where I explored the little markets, which was delightful!

So yeah.. Last day in Paris. I'm going to miss it something awful. I really do love it so much here and I think I could visit it a hundred times more and not get sick of it! There's still so much that I want to see, but because we only had a week I had to skip a lot of it. Ah well.. next time, eh?

Tomorrow.. MADRID!





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photo by: Sweetski