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ooh.. busy busy few days.. I don't have much time to write as I've only got a little bit of time left on the internets..

we did La Linea after crossing the strait of Gibbraltar again from Morocco.. a nice little coastal town in teh border of Gibraltar. Did a full day trip in Gibraltar. Went to the rock, saw the monkeys. :) Also saw the tunnels and stuff and bought lots of rum. So much really good spiced and caramelised rum. Goes down smooooth as. So yeah.. It's supposedly one of the pillars of Hercules, so that was awesome. And teh St. Michael Caves, where the first Neanderthal man was found. Hurrah for archaeology!

Then onto Granada. We went to the Alhambra on the 11th, which was AMAZING! I wish I could go into a lot more detail but eek! time going fast! some of the most incredibly fortunately situated constructions I've ever seen.. The Palace, Generalife (Gardens) and surrounding areas are flanked by skeletal trees and the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.. so very peaceful there..

Onn.. the 12th we visited the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel) where Ysabel and Fernando, the first king an queen of united (Modern) Spain are 'buried'.. Ysabel died in 1504, and their daughter Juana (the Mad) and her husband Felipe (The Handsome - and the Holy Catholic King), and thir son Miguel of Portugal are also buried there. It was basically this beautifully decorated tomb atop a crypt with their lead coffins underneath. You could see them up close. Twas awesome!

We then went to a traditional flamenco show.. it was a local one which was off one of the back streets near our hotel so I think we were teh only tourists there.. it was great! A small caverous-like room with dim lights and people sitting at small cramped tables with tapas and drinks. It was great! :D

So yeah.. After that we bussed it to Barcelona.. SO MUCH LOVE! :D Okay, so the trip over here was hideous.. the whole trip took 22hours as the bus was severely delayed and it ended up being an overnight trip.. ugh!

But Barcelona is a very beautiful city with some of the most specacula architecture I've ever seen! and the shopping! EEE!

La Rambla, the main street is very cool.. it's got some relaly awsome little museums, shops and bars along it.. And I ran into Kat in a random back alleyway! It was so random! We knew we were going to be in Spain at the same time but we were travelling in opposite directions! hehe! was pretty cool.. such a small world..

anyhow.. off to go drinking with Kat & co!

Adios amicos!

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photo by: fivepointpalm